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Decision Making and Appeals

If you are unhappy with the decision we have made about your benefit you can ask us about it. The process is in three stages:


Get in touch with us as soon as possible and ask us to explain how the decision has been made. This may be enough to sort things out.


If you are not happy with our explanation you can ask us to look at your claim again. Please make your request for a reconsideration in writing and within one calendar month of us notifying you of the original decision. We will then ask a different officer to look at the whole decision again, and we will accept any new information that you provide. We will notify you of the results in writing.


If the reconsideration has still not resolved the matter, you can make a formal appeal. This again must be made in writing to the Council and within one calendar month of the original decision (if you have previously asked us for an Explanation or Reconsideration then extra time will be allowed). If we are unable to revise our decision in your favour, we will pass your request onto the Tribunals Service. They will contact you to confirm that you want to continue with your appeal. You must return the form they send you otherwise the appeal will be turned down.  

The Tribunals Service will let you know the date and time of your hearing where you will meet with the Tribunals Service panel and officers from the Revenues Section. In most cases, the decision of the appeal will be given at the hearing and you will be reimbursed for any travel costs. You will also receive a copy of the outcome of the appeal in writing.
The Tribunals Service is an independent body that is an executive agency of the Department for Constitutional Affairs. For more information visit
Please note: you do not have to go through all three stages, you can request an appeal straight away. However we would like to try and resolve your query before an appeal is made if we can.
Please click on the link below for a downloadable Appeals leaflet.
If you have a query please contact us (details below).

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