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Changes in your Circumstances

Change Of Circumstances


If you get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit you must notify us in writing if your circumstances change. A phone call is not enough. You must tell us as soon as the change takes place. If you don't tell us about a change you may lose benefit or you may get too much benefit. Don't rely on someone else to pass the message on.


It is an offence not to tell us about any change of circumstances that may affect your benefit, and court action may be taken against you. If we pay you too much benefit you will probably have to pay it back to us.


Examples of the types of change that you must tell us about are shown below, but this is not a full list. Any change must be reported - if you are not sure, ask us for advice.


Examples of the types of change you should tell us about are:


  • your Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance or Guaranteed Pension Credit finishes


  • you start work


  • the amount you earn changes


  • the amount of state benefit, tax credit or pension credit that you receive changes


  • the amount of your savings or capital changes


  • someone leaves your household


  • new members come into your household e.g. if you have a baby


  • a dependent child leaves school and becomes a non-dependant


  • the amount a non-dependant earns changes


  • you change your address


  • you have a change of landlord


  • the amount of rent you are charged changes


  • you are claiming Second Adult rebate and the second adults income changes


  • From 2nd July 2001 new rules were brought in regarding changes in your circumstances. 

If a change increases the amount of benefit you receive this is called a ‘Beneficial Change’. If you tell us within a month of a ‘Beneficial Change’ occurring we will amend your benefit from the date that it happened. If you notify us more than a month after, your benefit will only be amended from the Monday following the date that you contact us. This means that you could lose out on Benefit, and you are not able to appeal against this.


All other changes in circumstances will be processed with effect from the Monday following the date that they happened.


Please tell us about all changes in circumstances as soon as they happen so that we can get your benefit right as soon as we can. And to help us process any amendments quickly, please provide any proof we ask for as soon as you can.


You can print off the form below and use it to tell us about any changes in your circumstances, or you can contact us for further information (details below).

Contact Details

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