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Over-Paid Benefits

Over-allowed or ‘overpaid’ benefit is dealt with differently to Council Tax or Business Rates.

Council Tax Benefit 

If you have been overpaid Council Tax Benefit, any overpayment is added back into your Council Tax account. It will then form part of your instalments and can be paid in the usual way.

Council Properties 

If you live in a Council House and have been overpaid Housing Benefit, we will aim to recover this amount through your ‘on-going’ benefit entitlement. This means that if you are still entitled to some Housing Benefit, we will hold back a set amount each week to clear off the overpayment. The amount of the overpayment will not be debited straight back onto your rent account. 

If you are no longer entitled to Housing Benefit, we will send you an invoice for the overpayment and, if you contact us, we will make an arrangement for you to pay it off.

Privately Rented and Housing Association Properties

In a similar way to people in Council houses, we will aim to make deductions from any ‘on-going’ benefit entitlement to clear the overpayment, or we could send an invoice direct to you.

However, if we have paid your rent allowance to your landlord or letting agent, and we are satisfied that they contributed to causing the overpayment, we may choose to recover it direct from them.

Further Action

If the arrears remain outstanding or you have not made an arrangement to pay, your account may be passed to the Council’s Legal section for further action. This may result in the issue of a summons which would incur additional costs to you.


Please contact us if you have any queries about recovery of over-allowed Benefit.

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