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Proof we will need to see

To help us to process your benefit application quickly and accurately we will need to see proof of the details you have provided. We will also need to see similar evidence if you have a change in circumstances. We can only accept original documents, not your own photocopies. For more information on how to provide this proof see:


Claiming Housing/Council Tax Benefit - Your Personal Documents


Documents that are required as evidence of your status


Proof of your identity, for example: 


  • birth certificate

  • marriage/civil partnership licence

  • passport

  • driving licence


Proof of your National Insurance Number, for example: 


  • National Insurance card 

  • benefit book 

  • P60 or payslips


Evidence of earnings such as your payslips which includes the following details


  • employers name & address

  • the number of hours worked in that pay period

  • your gross income in the year to date

  • your gross income for that pay period

  • how much tax, national insurance and pension contributions you have made

  • how you have been paid i.e. through the bank or in cash


If you are self-employed


  •  we will need to see your audited accounts.


Proof of your savings and capital, for example: 


  • bank or building society statements or books for at least two full months 

  • ownership documents or dividend statements for certificates, bonds unit trusts or stocks and shares 

  • details of any second property or land you may own


Proof of unearned income, for example: 


  • benefit payment books (containing uncashed orders) or award letters, including Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit award letters

  • bank statements for at least two months showing the amounts paid into the account 

  • court award notice 

  • letter from the Child Support Agency 

  • letter from absent parent confirming maintenance payments


If you are in privately rented or Housing Association property we will need proof of your tenancy, for example: 


  • original tenancy agreement (not a copy)

  • a letter from your landlord or letting agent

  • your rent book


any combination of the above will be accepted as long as they show: 


  • your landlords name and business address 

  • the date the tenancy started 

  • how often you pay your rent e.g. weekly/fortnightly/monthly 

  • the amount of your rent 

  • what services are included in the rent e.g. water, fuel, meals etc.


Proof of any non-dependants income

We will need this information to make sure that we deduct the correct amount from your benefit in respect of that person. If you do not supply this information we will make the maximum deduction allowed and this may mean that you lose out on, or do not qualify for benefit.


Please supply all proof as soon as we ask you for it, this will help us to deal with your claim as soon as we can. Any delay in providing information will result in a delay in processing your benefit. You may even lose out on benefit all together if you do not respond when we write to you.


If you have any queries contact the Council Tax and Benefit hotline for more information (details below). 


You can visit us at our offices in Wingerworth from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays. You do not need to make an appointment as we operate a 'drop-in' system. However, if you prefer to make an appointment just give us a ring.


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