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Apply for Planning Permission


Once you have decided you need to seek planning consent you should follow the process outlined below:


Submitting a Planning Application:

You can download the application forms (from the planning portal) and send them completed along with the items listed below, plus our fee to our office (details below) by post.


You can submit an application on-line by visiting The Planning Portal.


There are three main types of planning application

Outline applications

This form of application allows you to seek the Council’s permission in principle to undertake development and enables you to do this without having to submit detailed drawings and so save money. Certain information needs to be submitted but if additional information is needed by the Council to enable us to determine your application we will ask for it.

Full Applications

If you want to erect building/structures or change the use of land you will need to make a full application. This form of application requires all the details of the development to be submitted as set out below.

Reserved matters applications

This form of application is needed if outline planning consent has been granted.


What you need to submit to us:

In making your application you will need to submit the following information:

  • A location plan *

  • A site layout plan *

  • Drawings (these will not normally be needed in the case of outline applications)

  • Design and Access statements

Further details on each of these items can be seen on the Planning Applications - Statutory Requirements Page.

You should also note that the design of all new development is a material consideration in determining planning applications.

* See how you can Buy a Plan online to support your application on the Planning Portal website.


The Council has adopted Policies (Policy BE1 and Policy H12 of the Local Plan) which seek to ensure new development respects the character and appearance of the area in which it is built.

In addition you should note that the Council has adopted the Building for Life (BFL) standards as an objective method of assessing the design of new housing developments over 10 units.  Applicants for such proposals should include with their application an assessment of how their proposals meets the BFL criteria, ideally as part of their Design and Access Statement, with all relevant supporting evidence.

The Council will expect new residential development to achieve a BFL score of at least 14 (of 20) criteria.


After I've submitted my planning application, what happens next?

Once you've submitted your application we will acknowledge it.  We aim to 'determine' or decide on applications within 8 weeks of validating it.  In the case of major developments, we have 13 weeks to make a decision.

We will publicise the application in accordance with our Statement of Community Involvement.

We place a notice on or close to the site advertising the fact we have received the application and we will also contact the following people:

  • People who own land or live next to the site

  • The local Parish Council

  • Any other consultees

All of these people can comment on the application.

However, even people who have not been contacted directly can still comment on any application.

Certain types of applications will also be advertised in the local paper.

All information relevant to an application is placed on the web site usually within 5 working days of it’s receipt by the Council.

An Officer (the “case officer”) will then visit the site to assess your proposal.


Making a Decision on a Planning Application

After we've received comments from interested parties we will make a decision on the application.

Most applications (well over 90%) are determined by Council Officers (under what are known as delegated powers). The remainder of the applications are determined by the Planning Committee.

People who have commented on applications will be offered the chance to speak at the Planning Committee if the application is to be considered at the committee.


What happens after a decision has been made:

A decision notice will be issued, this says whether permission has been granted or refused.  Everyone who has commented on the application will also be informed of the decision.


Discharging Conditions:

Often planning permission is granted subject to conditions, a development may not go ahead until after these conditions are 'discharged' or dealt with.  There is now a charge for dealing with or approving these conditions.  For full details, please download the document at the foot of this page.



If you application has been refused, you can continue with the Appeals Procedure.

Contact Details

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