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Rubbish, Waste and Recycling

Find out about the burgundy bin recycling scheme.

The Burgundy Bin!

Find out everything you need to know about your kerbside recycling service.



For updates about missed collections please see here


We collect waste from households and businesses across North East Derbyshire, and provide special collections for bulky and clinical waste.

We run alternate week collection system: green bin for disposing of green (garden) waste; burgundy bin for many of your recyclables; and black bin for the residual household waste; and can help if you find it difficult to put out your bin.

To find out more about our services please click on one of the links on the left or see our list of Frequently Asked Questions about our household bin collection service:

When is my bin emptied?

How do I put out my bin?

What is the 'Flat Lid Policy'?

What if I forget to put my bin out?

What if I live in a rural area?

Why didn't you take my extra rubbish away?

What do I do with things too big to fit in my bin?

Why hasn't my bin been emptied? 

What happens on Bank Holidays?

Can I have a new bin?

I can't put out my own bin - can you help?

What happens if I move to a house with no bin?

What happens if I have a large family?

What items don't you collect?

How to put out your bin

You need to put your bin at the kerbside (or at an agreed collection point) on your usual collection day. 

Please make sure that:  

  • your bin is put out on the right day no later than 7:00 am

  • the lid is fully closed

  • your bin isn't overloaded with heavy waste (e.g. soil, bricks or rubble)

  • you don't put out extra rubbish (known as 'side waste') it won't be collected

  • your car(s) won't obstruct our collection vehicle

The Flat Lid Policy

We have a 'flat lid' policy which means your bin lid should be fully closed otherwise it will not be emptied. In windy weather bin lids can be blown into the faces of our Refuse Collectors; over-spilling waste can fall onto people whilst the bin is being lifted.

Keeping the flat lid policy also helps to reduce the amount of rubbish put into bins, which is kinder on the environment.

What If I Forget to Put My Bin Out?

You will miss your collection and it will not be emptied until the next scheduled day i.e. if you miss your black bin collection, you will have to wait 2 weeks until the next time your black bin is due to be emptied. In exceptional circumstances, we may consider a one off collection.

Services in Rural Areas

If you live in a rural community e.g. an isolated farm or house, your rubbish may be collected by the small, one man operated collection vehicle. You will be need to put out your bin as near as possible to the road or nearest vehicular access.  Contact us to find out where we will collect your bin from.

Side Waste and Items Too Big for your Bin 

We do not collect excess waste, you can take extra rubbish and larger items to the Household Waste Recycling Centre or contact us to arrange a special collection (there is a charge for this service), see our Bulky Collections page for more details. You can minimise the amount of rubbish going into your bin by using your burgundy bin and green bin for recyclable and compostable waste.  

Why Hasn't My Bin Been Emptied? 

Has your normal collection day been affected by a Bank Holiday?

After Bank Holidays, bins are usually emptied a day later than normal. Special arrangements are made for the Christmas period, see our Collection Calendar for more details.

What time did you put your bin out?
If this was after 7:00am it may have been put out too late, the lorry may have had to come earlier than usual. All bins should be put out for collection by 7:00am to ensure they are emptied.

Was there anything heavy in it?

Your bin may have been too heavy to lift and items will need removing. If it was overloaded and heavy your bin will not be emptied until the next scheduled collection day. You will need to dispose of any excess waste at a Household Waste Recycling Centre. Heavy bins can fall off the lifters and cause a serious injury to passers by or to the Refuse Collectors, they can also damage the lifting mechanism on the lorry.

Were there any vehicles parked on the street in a way that blocked the refuse lorry?

Remember our collection vehicles are 6 or 8 wheel Large Goods Vehicles which need plenty of space for manoeuvring.

Bank Holiday Collections

Your bin won't be emptied on the actual Bank Holiday but will usually be collected the day after your normal collection day.  Each year we give you a Collection Calendar showing changes to collections at holiday times.

Can I Have a New Bin?

If your bin has been damaged by our collection vehicle and cannot be repaired we will provide you with a new one free of charge - contact us if your bin becomes unusable. We'll also replace your bin if it has been lost inside the bin lorry!

If your bin has been stolen we can deliver a new one, however you will be charged for the new bin. The theft should be reported to the police as you might be able to claim on your house insurance.

You can also pay for a replacement if you've lost or damaged your bin, contact us for more details.

Assisted Collections

If there is no one in your household who is able to take the wheeled bin to the kerbside then you may qualify for the Assisted Collection Service. The crew will collect and/or return your wheeled bin from your property. This is only granted if there is no other able bodied person available to regularly take the bin to the kerbside. A temporary service may also be available to cover short-term incapacity.

Moving to a House with No Bin

Contact us once you know when you will be moving into your new house - we won't deliver a new bin to an empty property. Please mark your house number on your bin as soon as you can. 

There is a charge for providing new black or green bins; burgundy bins will be supplied free of charge. 

Extra Bins for Large Families

If there are 6 or more permanent residents in your household you may qualify to receive an extra bin (140 litre). For further details please go to the Extra Refuse Bins page.

You do need to be actively recycling as well - find out more about the Burgundy Bin Recycling Service.

When is my Bin Emptied?

We usually empty your bin on the same day every week (apart from Bank Holidays and extreme weather conditions). Collections alternate between black bin collection (residual household waste) one week and green bin ('green' waste) and burgundy bin (recyclable waste) the next. 

Our Bin Collection Calendar shows the alternating black/burgundy and green bin weeks and arrangements for Bank Holidays. To find out what day of the week your bin is collected please contact the Clean and Green helpline (below).

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