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Green Bin Suspension


There will be no green bin collections between

5 December 2015 and 6 March 2016.

Green bin collections will restart

in March, as shown on your bin calendar.


If you have any queries regarding the suspension of the green bin collections this winter, please read to the information below.

Why are green bin collections being suspended?

The District Council are suspending green bin collections during the winter months because people are less active in the garden and there is little green waste being produced. 

This will be the fifth year that the District Council have suspended green bin collections during the winter period.  The District Council have been suspending green bin collections during the winter period since December 2011.

What can I do with my green waste whilst collections are suspended?

You may still have little jobs to do around the garden during the winter, but this can be left in the green bin to be collected during the spring, or taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre at Stonegravels, Chesterfield or Buttermilk Lane (between Long Duckmanton and Chesterfield).

What about my food waste?

You can put your food waste into your black residual waste bin during the green bin suspension period.

Since May 2014, when residents were delivered a food waste caddy, and raw and cooked food waste being accepted in the green bin, you have had the choice which bin you place food waste in, either black or green.  Using both the green and black bins for your food waste is particularly useful during hot summer periods to avoid unpleasant odours.  During milder weather conditions, we do encourage residents to present as much of their food waste in the green bins as possible.

However, the system is designed for food waste to be mixed with garden waste.  Therefore, during the winter period residents are asked to place food waste in the black bins. 

What will the refuse collectors be doing on green bin weeks now?

Employees who would usually have been carrying out the winter green bin collections will be working to enhance other council services e.g. thorough cleaning of rural grass verges.

Does this mean there will be weekly black bin collections?

No, the amount of waste in your black bin should not increase for the majority of residents, so there is no need for a temporary return to a weekly collection.  You now have the benefit of the burgundy bin for the vast majority of recyclable materials.

However, there will be four black bin collection weeks over the Christmas period (in the time that you would normally have three black bin collections).  This means that residents will have consecutive black bin weeks over the Christmas period.  So this will mean that you will have an extra black bin collection over the Christmas period and the opportunity to dispose of extra black bin waste.  Please refer to your refuse and recycling collection calendar for details. 

My burgundy bins are collected the same day as my green bin. Will my burgundy bin still be collected?

Yes, residents will still receive a fortnightly burgundy bin collection.  Please refer to your refuse and recycling collection calendar for details.

*Please note, over the Christmas period whilst the green bins are suspended, there will be some weeks when the black and burgundy bins are collected on the same day.  Please refer to the refuse and recycling collection calendar for details.