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Kerb It! Recycle It! The burgundy bin recycling scheme.

Inside your new burgundy bin.

Your burgundy bin makes it easy for you to recycle a wide range of items at home including paper, cardboard, glass, tins, cans and plastic bottles. 


Your bin is divided into 2 sections, with an inner box for all your paper-based recycling and the main bin for everything else. 

Find out what we can recycle below, and see where to get rid of things we can't take.

If you have any questions, please contact us (details below).

What you can put in the inner box.

Newspapers and magazines


Telephone directories


Junk mail and glossy pamphlets

White envelopes

Shredded paper (since 1 November 2015) - please place in the bottom of the caddy, weighted down with other papers and magazines.

Please make sure everything is clean and dry, with no food waste to contaminate it.

There's no need to remove the windows from envelopes, but it helps us if you do.

Cardboard and packaging

Flattened cardboard and brown envelopes

e.g. cereal boxes, brown envelopes, cardboard packaging etc.

Remember…please flatten cardboard before putting it in your burgundy bin and leave large sized cardboard flattened next to your bin.

Please note: We can't take wrapping paper or greetings cards, i.e. birthday cards, Christmas cards. If you wish to recycle your Christmas cards, the Woodland Trust have the special bins which can be found in some stores during January.


Tins and cans

Empty food tins, drink cans and aerosols

e.g. clean food tins, biscuit tins, fizzy drink cans, empty aerosols etc.

Remember… please rinse all cans/tins before putting them in your burgundy bin. 


Plastic bottles and containers

Plastics (except film and carrier bags)

Plastic containers e.g. plastic lids, tubs, food trays, yoghurt pots etc and plastic bottles e.g. milk bottles, soft drinks, shampoo, detergent and household cleaning product bottles.

Remember... please rinse your plastics, squash bottles and remove lids, and if the plastic food tray has a film lid please peel the film off.


Glass bottles and jars

Mixed glass bottles & jars

e.g. jam jars, coffee jars, wine bottles, baby food jars etc.

Remember… please remove lids and rinse your glass bottles before putting them in your burgundy bin.


Mixed textiles

Mixed textiles and clothes 

e.g. old clothes, shoes tied in pairs, sheets, curtains, towels, blankets etc.

Remember… please make sure textiles are clean, dry and are placed in a clear plastic bag.


Waxed cartons 

e.g. from UHT milk, fruit juice, soup etc.

Remember… please make sure waxed cartons are rinsed clean and flattened before putting them in your burgundy bin.

Household batteries

Small household batteries

e.g. AA, AAA, LR9, LR14, LR20, watch, mobile phone, torch, smoke alarm batteries etc.

Remember… please make sure batteries are placed in a clear plastic bag to save them mixing with other recycling.   The clear plastic bag containing batteries should then be placed in the caddy, on top of the paper.


Please don't include:

Plastic bags, carrier bags or cellophane wrapping - these can be recycled at some supermarkets.  The only plastic bags accepted within the burgundy bin are the clear bags used to contain textiles and batteries, and the clear bags for paper which are provided for resident on the rural route who do not use caddies.

Light bulbs, broken glass, mirrors, windows - these can be recycled at household recycling centres.

Dense plastics (toys, chairs etc) - these can be recycled at household recycling centres.

Pyrex, cookware and pans - these can be recycled at household recycling centres.

Car batteries - these can be recycled at household recycling centres.

Polystyrene - expanded polystyrene not currently recycled locally.

Film lids - not currently recycled locally.

Food - residents are asked to rinse food and drinks containers so they are clean when they are placed in the burgundy bin, as food can contaminate the cardboard and brown paper which is also put in the main section of the bin.  Food waste can be disposed of in the green bin.  

Nappies - please dispose of nappies in your black bin as they can not be recycled through your burgundy bin.

Greetings cards (birthday, Christmas etc), Wrapping paper - due to plastic coatings and embellishments (glitter, bows etc) which means that the paper mills will not accept greetings cards and wrapping paper. 


See the full range of materials that can be recycled at Derbyshire Recycling centres.

Contact Details

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  • Location District Council Offices
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