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Missed Collections

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Find out the latest information about missed black bin, green bin and burgundy bin collections here.


If the information you're after isn't listed, please contact our Clean and Green hotline - details below - or use our Online Form to report a missed collection.

(Last updated 04.11.2015 11:30)

Black bin collections

The crew were unable to service some streets in Grassmoor Tuesday 3 November due to operational difficulties.  It is intended to return to try to service the bins today, Wednesday 4 November.  The affected streets were:

  • Whitmore Avenue - due to parked cars blocking access on collection day
  • Oak Road
  • Dymond Grove
  • Birch Close
  • 95-101 New Street


There are currently no other known issues with access etc, however residents are asked advised to make sure the bin is out for 7.00am, because since the change to the collection schedule, the crew may now get to your street much earlier than they used to. Also, other factors such as access issues due to road works, weather conditions etc elsewhere on their route may mean the crew may arrive at your street earlier than usual.

Green bin collections

There are currently no known issues with access etc, however residents are asked advised to make sure the bin is out for 7.00am, because since the change to the collection schedule, the crew may now get to your street much earlier than they used to. 

Residents are advised to ensure that the bin is not contaminated, particularly with ashes (which since 1 December 2013 residents have been advised not to put in the green bin) or bags (only the paper compostable liners manufactured to EN13432 are accepted within the green bin - bags made from cornstarch/plant extracts and plastic should not be put in the green bin).

Burgundy bin collections 

There are currently no known issues with access etc, however we would advise residents that the burgundy bin crews are being more stringent when checking burgundy bins for contamination.  Residents who have contaminated their burgundy bin will be left a card and the bin may be left unemptied.  Residents should remove the contamination so that it can be emptied next scheduled collection day.

Contamination of the burgundy bins includes:

  • Plastic bags, Carrier bags - The only plastic bags accepted in the burgundy bins are those clear bags used to contain small household batteries or textiles and shoes.  Please do not put any other plastic bags or carrier bags in your burgundy bin.

  • Food - All food and drinks containers should be rinsed clean, and food should not be put in the burgundy bin.

  • Nappies, General household waste, Animal waste (e.g. dog faeces, cat litter) - This cannot be recycled via the burgundy bin so please do not please do not put it in.  Please use your black bin.

  • Polystyrene, Bubble wrap, Film, Shredded paper*, Wood, Wrapping Paper, Greetings cards, Cookware, Pyrex, Paint tins - These cannot be recycled via the burgundy bin so please do not put them in.

  • Garden waste - This should be disposed of in the green bin.

  • Recycling in the caddy (inner box) which should be in the main part of the bin (e.g. card, brown paper, glass bottles ad jars, plastic, cans and tins).  Where possible the crew will empty the caddy and leave a card for information.  Please make sure that you put the correct recycling in the caddy and main section of the bin.
  • Paper in the main part of the bin, which should be in the caddy (or clear bag provided, in the case of residents serviced using the smaller rural route vehicle).  If your caddy has gone missing or become damaged and unusable, please contact us so that a replacement can be delivered.

*NB: From 1st November 2015, residents will be able to recycle shredded paper in their burgundy bins - please place your shredded paper in the bottom of the paper caddy, weighted down by other papers and magazines.  


Please also be aware of the information below:


Please make sure you put your bin out for 7.00am on collection day - if the crews aren't able to get onto some streets, they may arrive at your property earlier than usual.  Please put it out by 7.00am to make sure you don't miss the crew.

Please be aware that cold weather may result in the bin contents freezing and getting stuck in the bin.  If your bin is only partly-emptied, please be understanding.

Please be aware that parked vehicles can cause access problems.  Please be considerate to residents and try not to cause an obstruction on collection day.

Please be aware that road and utility works can cause access problems.  If your road is not accessible due to works, please be understanding.

Green bin collections

Residents are reminded that the green bin should not be contaminated with unsuitable waste as we will be unable to collect it.

Please do not put any of the following into your green bin:

  • Cardboard boxes and card packaging - these go in your burgundy bin

  • Stone, rubble, soil or turf
  • Fire ash

  • Dog and cat waste

  • Disposable nappies

  • Waxed packaging or drinks cartons - these can be recycled at the Household Waste Recycling Centres at Stonegravels and Buttermilk Lane.  From 1st November 2015, waxed cartons may also be recycled via the burgundy bin service - please place your waxed cartons in the main section of the burgundy bin.

  • Plastic bottles, plastic containers, cans, glass bottles or jars, foil, paper, or other items that can be recycled in the burgundy bin

  • Carrier bags, all types of bin liners (including non-paper based biodegradable type bags), packaging, polystyrene.  Only compostable paper bags manufactured to EN13432 are accepted in the green bin.

If your bin is contaminated, please remove the unsuitable waste before presenting your green bin for collection.

Burgundy bin collections

If you missed your burgundy bin collection, or simply have additional recycling, you can at any time of year present this additional recycling in a box or bag i.e. clear carrier bag, at the side of your burgundy bin.  Please do not mix your main bin and caddy recycling together, and please do not present the recycling in a black bag.

Residents on the rural route should note that due to being serviced by a single-bodied vehicle they do not use a caddy, but are instead issued with clear bags to put the paper into.  If you are on the rural route and have run out of bags, replacements should be delivered by the crew.  You can also request clear bags by calling Connect North East. 


Please refer the refuse and recycling collections calendar for further information.

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