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Removal of Recycling Bank Service

Following the success of the new Burgundy Bin recycling service, the demand for the recycling banks has fallen significantly and these have now been removed.


All recycling banks provided by North East Derbyshire District Council have now been taken away from the sites.

If there is no bank at the site for the items you wish to recycle, please take that recycling home with you or to another recycling site.  Please do not abandon recycling at the side of the recycling banks, as it may be treated as fly tipping. 

Why have the recycling banks been withdrawn?

In 2011 the District Council changed from a Blue Box recycling service to a Burgundy Bin recycling service.

The Burgundy Bin service has been a huge success, seeing a 90% (approximate) increase in recycling at the kerbside, all of which is a credit to our residents.  Approximately 1,000 tonnes of materials has migrated from recycling banks to the burgundy bins.

Recent customer survey information informed us that 98% of respondents preferred to recycle via the burgundy bins rather than using recycling banks, thus explaining a significant reduction in demand.

By the end of March 2012, demand for recycling banks had fallen by 80% since the burgundy bin recycling scheme was introduced in May 2011.  Materials collected in the banks now accounts for just 0.04% of all recycled waste in the district.  This has made the recycling banks at costly and inefficient service to provide.  Removing the banks from site will save the council £25,000 a year.

If you are a resident in the district, you should not be inconvenienced by the removal of the banks, as you can more easily recycle mixed plastics, glass, cans, paper, card, small batteries, textiles and shoes at home in the burgundy bin.

Also, residents will still be able to recycle wastes at the Household Waste Recycling Centres provided by the County Council.  These are situated at Stonegravels, Chesterfield and Buttermilk Lane, Duckmanton.

I didn't know that the recycling banks were being removed?  Why wasn't I informed?

We have endeavoured to ensure that all residents who still use the recycling banks are aware of the intention to remove the banks.  Posters (a copy of which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) have been put up at all the recycling bank sites and ensuring all residents get a sufficient notice of their intended removal.  A press release has also been issued to local media.  And, of course, the information is available here on our website.

Not all recycling banks in North East Derbyshire are on sites owned by the Council.  Should a non-council site owner want to keep a facility, they can make arrangements directly with the recycling bank service providers.  If the site owner requires contact details for the recycling bank service provider, they need to contact the Refuse section directly.

What do I do with my recycling now?

The majority of recycling accepted at recycling sites can be recycled at home in the burgundy bin.

Glass banks for clear glass, amber (brown) glass, green glass - All glass bottles and jars can be recycled in the burgundy bin.  And you don't have to separate the glass according to colour.

Cans banks for aluminium and steel cans and tins, foil, foil trays, aerosols - All these items can be recycled in the burgundy bin.

Paper banks for paper, junk mail, newspapers, telephone directories, shredded paper - All types of paper can be recycled in your burgundy bin.  Plus you can also recycle envelopes (which can't go in the paper banks). 

Textile banks - Clothes/textiles can be recycled in your burgundy bin. 

Please see below for further information.

The District Council are aware that a few residents opted not to have a burgundy bin as they wished to continue to use the recycling banks.  If you do not have a burgundy bin, you can request one by contacting us on the number below. 

If you continued to use the recycling banks because you do not have sufficient capacity in your existing burgundy bin, then please contact us.  We may be able to provide you with advice or a second burgundy bin, to enable you to recycle even more at home.

What can I do with drinks cartons?

The Council have provided limited facilities to recycle waxed drinks cartons, with recycling banks at only 5 of its recycling bank sites, in Dronfield (Greendale Shopping Centre and Dronfield Civic Centre), Ashover (Village Hall car park), Danesmoor (St Barnabus Centre) and Eckington (Co-op).

Since the introduction of the new Burgundy Bin recycling service, the increase in recycling has been astounding, demonstrating residents' commitment to recycling.  Unfortunately, waxed drinks cartons cannot at present go in your burgundy bin.  However, they may be taken to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres at Stonegravels, Chesterfield or Buttermilk Lane, Duckmanton.  Alternatively, they may be placed in your black bin. 

Will I get a refund on my Council Tax when this service is withdrawn?

No.  Your Council Tax is not a direct charge for services by North East Derbyshire District Council, so there will be no change to the amount you pay.  There will be benefit to residents as savings from the cost of recycling banks and will be used to meet central government grant cuts and help with the Council tax freeze.


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