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Smelly Bins and What to do About Them


How do I reduce unpleasant smells in my black bin?


Your black bin can sometimes smell nasty or even contain flies and maggots. This is because the food waste in your bin is the ideal meal for hungry insects.

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce these problems:

  • Keep your bin lid closed at all times. If your lid is damaged, please contact us and we can repair or replace it.

  • Double-bag all food waste, particularly meat and animal waste. Use biodegradable bags, they will decay in landfill. (Please note that NO bags are allowed in your Green Bin - even biodegradable ones.)

  • Recycle as much as you can so that there's less in your black bin and the lid can be kept shut.

  • Keep the bin out of direct sunlight (this makes the waste slower to decompose, reduces smells and slows the development of maggots etc.).

  • Don't leave waste food lying around inside the home before putting it in the bin, as flies can lay eggs on it during this time. Uncovered bins inside the kitchen can also allow flies to lays eggs on waste food.

  • Squeezing the air out of bags that contain food waste before they are tied and put in the bin should also slow down decomposition etc.

  • Don't to leave dog/cat food out uncovered - again because flies can lay their eggs in it.

  • Bag all pet waste before putting it in your bin, or place it in one of the pet waste disposal bins situated on public areas around the District.

  • We recommend that solids are emptied in to the WC from disposable nappies before being double-bagged and put in the bin. 'Terry' type nappies and eco friendly nappies are recommended.
  • Good hygiene in the home is the best way of preventing the spread of disease and infection. Flies are all around and have the potential to spread disease, no matter what type of refuse collection service is in operation.

  • Clean your bin and use detergents to reduce problems.

Maggots will only appear in the bin if the eggs have been laid in a suitable food source for them to develop.

If bins are kept closed, flies should not be able to enter to lay their eggs. Therefore, if maggots do appear, the eggs are likely to have been laid before the food was put in the wheelie bin, especially if it isn’t wrapped in paper or bagged when put in the bin.


For more help and advice please contact our team (details at bottom of page).

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