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1. What is Thanks a Tonne?

Thanks a Tonne is a Derbyshire wide challenge to raise awareness of the importance of saving carbon to help save our planet.

Aimed at households and schools, it is a competition to see which household can save the most carbon or the school with the biggest savings to be in with the chance of a prize - be it a home makeover or a toyota electric car.

2. How does it work?

Thanks a tonne is really easy to get involved, either as a household or as a school in the district.

3. How do I get involved?

Ready to save the planet?  Keen to do your bit? Here’s how;

4. Who can take part?


You can enter as a household or schools in the district can enter to compete to see how saves the most carbon!

5. What impact will the competition have on the planet?

The competition will make a huge difference by removing 1 tonne of carbon per household, that is equivalent to removing 10 cars off the road permanently or saving 200 trees

6. Resources and assets

Download our resources so you can take part!