2. How does it work?

Thanks a tonne is really easy to get involved, either as a household or as a school in the district.


The concept is simple - see how you can save 1 tonne of carbon by changing some small things in your house or routine. View our 14 ways to help save a tonne! info-graph for the ways you think you can make a change to do the challenge! The Thanks a tonne campaign is aimed at households saving one tonne of carbon over the next year.

Once you have identified what you would like to do to add the changes up to a tonne or more, complete our online registration form and you will automatically be entered into the competition to win a prize.


The project is slightly different for schools taking part. The project will run for 8 weeks and children will be encouraged to take home an information pack for their families to take part. Their pledges can be registered online with the ways they are going to save and the childs school will need to be entered! The top carbon saving school in the district will be crowned the winner and receive a prize at the end of the competition!