Consultation and Citizens Panel

The council is committed to seeking residents’ opinions as we believe good consultation leads to better decision-making. We encourage as many people as possible to get involved to ensure that the decisions we make reflect the views of our communities.

There are many ways to have your say on issues in North East Derbyshire. These include:

  • Ask Derbyshire - a consultation website which has information on all current, forthcoming and past consultations for North East Derbyshire and Bolsover Councils.
  • Join our Citizens’ Panel. The Panel receive up to 4 surveys each year which take, on average, 10 minutes each to complete. The questionnaires can be filled in on-line or sent and returned via Freepost. If you would like to join please fill in the registration form or call 01246 217018.
  • Members of the public are welcome to attend the public parts of meetings of the Full Council, cabinet and committees. See the list of meetings coming up. The meetings are also recorded and made available for you to watch live or after they have taken place via our YouTube channel.
  • Petitions
  • Find out the latest news, ask questions and see what others are saying by following our Twitter account and Facebook page.
  • Tenants of Rykneld Homes can find out about tenants and residents groups plus other involvement opportunities on their website.

 Latest documents:

Citizens Panel Results Infographic - Nov '22 (.pdf | 1.01mb)

Finance Internal Satisfaction Survey Report - 2022-23 (.pdf | 1.42mb)

Leisure Facilities External Satisfaction Survey Report - 2022 (.pdf | 1.5mb)

Customer Services External Satisfaction Survey Report - 2022 Final (.pdf | 1mb)

NEDDC Consultation Policy 2017 (.pdf | 860kb)

NEDDC Engagement Plan 2021/22 (available from April 2022)

NEDDC Annual Consultation Review 2019/20 (.pdf | 5mb)

Citizens Panel

The Citizens’ Panel is a group of people from across the North East Derbyshire District Council area who regularly share their views on a wide range of important issues. This helps the Council to improve services and make the District an even better place to live.

Pane members receive around 4 questionnaires a year which take, on average, 10 minutes each to complete. The questionnaires can be filled in on-line or sent and returned via Freepost. The Panel receives regular feedback on any issues we have asked about in a newsletter provided with every new survey.

You can view past Citizens’ Panel surveys by visiting Ask Derbyshire our consultation website.

To join you must be a NEDDC resident who is over 16 and willing to take part in several surveys each year. You will need to provide some personal data upon joining. This is used solely to administer the panel and our Privacy Notice explains what we do with your information, how long we keep it and your right to withdraw your consent and leave the Panel at any time you choose.


We need residents of the District to regularly share their views and opinions on a wide range of important local issues. Sign up to be part of the panel and have your say!