Councillors Code of Conduct

Councillors are subject to a Code of Conduct which governs their behaviour when carrying out official duties. This Code forms part of our Constitution (.pdf | 2.8mb).

What does the Code of Conduct cover?

The Code of Conduct covers matters such as declarations of interest, treating others with respect, not bringing the Council into disrepute.

Can I complain if the Code is breached?

If you have concern about the conduct of a councillor (District, Parish or Town Council) and you think they have breached the Code, you are entitled to make a complaint.

Complaints should be submitted in writing using the form below, and sent to:

Monitoring Officer,
North East Derbyshire District Council,
Mill Lane,
S42 6NG.

The complainant should ensure that they have clearly identified the breaches of the Code they are alleging against the Councillor.

The complaint cannot be about a Council decision or service delivery issue.

We have produced a summary for ease of understanding:

How are complaints handled?

Complaints are assessed by the Monitoring Officer who is responsible for deciding how each complaint is dealt with.

The Monitoring Officer will decide, following consultation with an independent person, if the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the Code and if there should be an investigation, or if other action should be taken to address the complaint or the conduct of the Member, or if no further action is to be taken.

If a complaint is investigated it may lead to a Standards Committee Hearing and a sanction against the councillor concerned.