Data Transparency

Open Government Licence

All of our data is available to use or re-use under the Open Government Licence (version 3). This is a free open licence for public sector bodies to license the use and re-use of their information and data easily. If you are intending to use or re-use any of our data please note the conditions of the licence. If we require you to make a specific form of attribution, this will be clearly referenced on the information concerned.

Financial Information

Structure Charts and Senior Management Information

Corporate Governance

Economic Development

Finance and Resources

Housing Community Safety

Partnerships and Transformation


Property and Commercial


Other Datasets

We are also committed to publishing other datasets where we have recognised a demand for this information through Freedom of Information requests received.

Please note that some data might be removed. This is known as 'redaction' and is required to enable us to comply with the exemptions stated in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Examples of this include personal information that could identify an individual or information that is commercially sensitive. To ensure transparency, any redactions will be clearly noted.