Equality Information

Equalities and fairness is something we are passionate about at NEDDC. We have developed equality policies and monitoring to provide structure and integrity to the way we work and serve our communities and businesses.

Equality Policy

A new joint policy has been developed to explain what the law requires from those delivering public services and to support staff in dealing with our customers.

Equality Monitoring

Equality monitoring is often not carried out because it is believed to be time-consuming, confusing, lacking in purpose or intrusive to customers. This guidance has been developed with these concerns in mind and offers best practice examples to help us get it right.

How we publish Equality Data

We publish equality information in a variety of ways:

Public Sector Equality Duties

The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011 came into force on 10 September 2011. Under Section 147(1) of the Act, public bodies are required to show that they meet the public sector equality duties by:

  • Setting equality objectives
  • Publishing relevant, proportionate information showing compliance with the Equality Duty

Data held by The Council

The following data is held by us and will be updated periodically. We have identified some gaps in information about our services and workforce which we are addressing, following an organisational restructure.