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Twinning is a link between two similar communities and enables those communities to:

  • acquire knowledge of each other's way of life
  • discuss mutual problems
  • form cultural and social links
  • arrange sporting events
  • exchange visits
  • develop friendships.

Twinning has brought many people across Europe closer and is of mutual benefit.

When and why was twinning born?

The idea of twinning came about after World War 2 when it was felt that establishing links between local communities from former enemy countries would contribute to securing peace in Europe. Since then, thousands of villages and towns in Europe have established twinning links.

What are the objectives of twinning?

It aims to develop mutual understanding and awareness between people from different cultures. It helps develop values such as citizenship and tolerance and is a fun way to discover how other European people live and to make friends from different countries.

Who is North East Derbyshire twinned with?

North East Derbyshire is twinned with the German town of Darmstadt-Dieburg.