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Bin Colours - What Goes In My Green Bin?

Here is a full list of materials which can go in each bin.

Top tip - are you confused about what goes in your bin and is recycling helpful? Derbyshire County Council have a great page on waste and recycling myth busting!

Interested to find out what happens to your recycling after it goes into the bin lorry? This video shows you the whole recycling process!

What can I put in my Green Bin?

Yes please:

  • Grass cuttings, flowers and weeds
  • Leaves, hedge and plant clippings, prunings
  • Left over fruit, salad, vegetable waste, egg shells
  • Cooked food left overs - bread, pastries, pasta, meat, fish (raw and cooked - including bones) plate scrapings, tea bags and coffee grounds

Food can be placed in compostable food bags manufactured to the British Standard EN 13432 only. (No retail carrier bags)

During green bin suspension weeks, please place food waste in your black bin.

What can't I put in my Green Bin?

No thanks:

  • Cardboard boxes and card packaging - these go in your burgundy bin
  • Wallpaper and wrapping paper
  • Waxed packaging, such as juice cartons - these go in your burgundy bin
  • Stone, rubble, soil or turf
  • Dog and cat waste
  • Disposable nappies
  • Plastic - these go in your burgundy bin
  • All types of bin liners, carrier bags, packaging, foil or polystyrene
  • Bottles, cans and papers - these go in your burgundy bin
  • Timber or plywood
  • Ashes

Please do not contaminate your green bin with unsuitable waste as we will be unable to collect it.

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