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Land Search

Three types of Land Search

Personal Searches.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis the Council offices will be closed until further notice. All personal search appointments have been cancelled and we will not be making any future appointments until staff and visitors are able to return to the offices at Mill Lane. As North East Derbyshire District Council Local Land Charges Register is paper based we are unfortunately able to offer an alternative solution.

We are sorry  for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Please also note that due to the Covid-19 crisis we will not be providing any fast track services until further notice.

If anyone has any questions regarding the above please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When buying a property or piece of land, your solicitor will submit a local land charges search which will show whether there are any legal restrictions affecting the land or property.

We will investigate any restrictions and bring all the information together from various council departments in the form of a local authority search.

There are three types of search:

  1. LLC1 - The 'LLC1 (Requisition for Search and Official Certificate of Search)' Search checks that there are no outstanding financial charges relating to the house or land. For example, where the council has carried out a service, and this service has not been paid for. eg. improvement grants, tree preservation orders, conditional planning consents.
  2. CON29 - The 'CON29 (Enquiries of Local Authorities)' deals with issues such as road schemes, the planning history of the property and various other items that may affect the property. The CON29 questionnaire also contains answers to many 'warning' questions the answers to which cannot be found in the statutory registers.
  3. Personal Search - We will require the name of the person or company carrying out the personal search and the address of the property against which the personal search is to be made. In some cases a plan may be required. If you would like to carry out a personal search, please phone us on 01246 217151 to make an appointment.

Fast Track

We also provide a ‘Fast-Track’ service which guarantees the results of the Local Authority search within three working days of receipt at a cost of £157.50. A ‘Fast Track’ request can be submitted by post or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and if it is received by 12 noon, the target of three days will then commence. Any searches submitted after 12 noon will begin the process the following day.

Anyone submitting a search will need to supply a location plan identifying the property / land in question which does not breach Copyright Regulations. We are unable to tell you who owns a particular building or piece of land. You may be able to find this information by carrying out a Land Registry search.


Fees for these services are:

  • LLC1 and CON 29 (standard search) - £97
  • LLC1 and CON29 Fast-Track Search (3 working days) - £157.50
  • LLC1 Fast-Track search (3 working days) - £52.50
  • LLC1 (search of Land Charges register only) - £25
  • Additional Part 11 enquiries (optional) - £12
  • Additional Solicitors questions - £12
  • Question 22 - £16.80
  • Extra parcels of land - £18
  • Where a property is also within the Peak Park an additional £20.40 is required.