Eco Schools Grants Scheme

Eco Schools Grants Grant enable schools operating in North East Derbyshire to apply for funding for projects which empower young people to make a positive impact against climate change. Secondary schools can apply for up to £500 and primary schools for up to £250 grant funding.

We are looking for innovative projects which seek to tackle climate change issues such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using water efficiently, reducing waste and increasing recycling, minimising pollution and increasing renewable energy, and protecting, conserving and enhancing the natural and built environment.

Potential activities may include events, equipment and materials, small building and environmental works and specialist training courses for classes or groups of young people.

For past examples of successful projects, please see Eco School Grant Success Stories

Schools can now apply on-line for the eco-schools funding(opens in a new window).

Subject to remaining funds, the deadline for applications is 10th December 2021, however applications will be assessed by the Council as they are received.