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Employment and Employability

Working Communities Project

The Working Communities Project provides free 1-1 support for NED residents who are unemployed or facing redundancy. The service aims to assist residents overcome barriers to finding employment, it is confidential and tailor made to each individual’s needs. Residents can either refer themselves onto the service or be referred to the service by their Job Centre Work Coach – either way is done on a voluntary basis.

Sessions are usually held in the community to ensure it is accessible for residents, however, support is currently being offered using WhatsApp video call and by email and phone.

If you want to find out more about the Project or make an appointment to access support, please contact Mark Szadura, Community Employment Adviser. Tel.: 07973 343383; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Employability Hub

Visit the Start in North East Derbyshire website for a wide range of information around careers advice, choices after leaving schools, apprenticeships and T Levels. There is also information about local employers here, including the top sectors to include salary details and skills and qualities that are needed in these jobs.

Your transferable skills to work in different sectors

Everything counts when it comes to looking for a job again. Many training providers can help you identify these transferable skills:

Help with career advice

From general enquiries to finding your next job, the following resources can help you with career advice:

Useful job website(s) when applying for new jobs

Here are some useful job sites we recommend you can use to search for a new job:

Additionally, you can look through the list of job agencies that are recruiting that we’ve put together:

Learn more about traineeships and apprenticeships

The most straightforward way to look for an apprenticeship is to look through the Government website.

Additionally, we work with many partners and educational establishments to provide apprenticeships and traineeships. Apprenticeships can be at all levels (from level 2 all the way through to master degrees) in a wide range of subjects and can be for existing staff in addition to new recruits – of all ages.

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Preparing for interviews

The digital world and the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the way we approach interviews. The types of interviews range from face-to-face to phone to online/video interviews. But regardless of the many varieties, preparing for an interview and the approach one should take as fairly standard procedure and can apply to all of them.

For great advice on how to get ready for an interview as well as manage your CV, LinkedIn profile and much more, you can visit:

Learn more about local higher and further education

North East Derbyshire is well situated to be within easy reach of several higher and further educational institutions with a variety of different courses available:

Support with finding employment for graduates

You can refer to your specific university for further advice as they have schemes which businesses can access to recruit graduates.

Additionally many career advice services provide graduate support. Many large companies have their own graduate recruitment schemes so it’s worthwhile checking their websites. For a general search of what’s out there check the following websites:


Upskilling is a great way of boosting your CV and learning more about your preferred job interests. More information at:

Also, another way to upskill yourself is to volunteer with companies and businesses that you would like to work for or that provide the sort of work you would like to do. This doesn’t have to be a long-term position (as it is unpaid) but it is a valuable and practical way of gaining the skills required for your preferred occupation.

Another alternative is to approach charities of development agencies such as the Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Volunteer Centre.

The Skills for Life campaign aims to support adults to develop their skills by bringing together government backed skills and training opportunities in a new single campaign.

Support with unemployment / redundancy

Job centres are a great way to get support or advice on how to progress with your career after being made redundant as they can signpost you to the right job and/or training provider. Talk to your work coach and ask about more information about response to redundancy.

Find out more about self-employment

For some, self-employment is the most preferable way of building a career which is a fantastic opportunity in terms of flexibility. But it can be hard to start one’s own business from scratch. Many trusts and schemes have been set up throughout the country to support business starters and entrepreneurs:

Mental Health Support

We can direct you to many helpful mental health providers who can help you deal with any emerging issues you may have after the pandemic:

Additional Support

There are other agencies that can help you with some further support about: