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Council Tax FAQ

Each year your Council Tax bills arrive in mid March setting out how much you will pay and what organisations this goes to such as Derbyshire County Council, NEDDC, The Police, Parish Councils and Fire and Rescue Service.

In order to assist you with any questions you may have, please see the below frequently asked questions about your bill and paying Council Tax.

Q. I normally pay my Council Tax by Direct Debit, will that continue for my new bill?

A. Yes, if you have a current Direct Debit in place that will continue automatically and you do not need to contact us. Your bill will confirm the amount, and due date of your payments

Q. My Council Tax bill shows that I have a balance that is due from previous years but I have already paid my Council Tax up to date.

A. You need to check when your payments were made as our systems were closed down on 3rd March 2023 to start the process of producing and posting out the bills on the 14th March 2023. Therefore any payments made after the 3rd March 2023 are not reflected in the amount shown as still outstanding from previous years

Q. I still owe Council Tax for other financial years and I have an agreement to pay them monthly. Are those payments that are due included in the instalments shown on my bill for the 2023/24 Council Tax.

A. No the instalments that are shown on the bill are only for your Council Tax for 2023/24. Any payment arrangements that you have made with us must continue in addition to payment of your 2023/24 instalments

Q. I am on a low income, how do I claim a reduction due to this reason

A. If you are not in receipt of Council Tax Reduction you need to submit a Council Tax Reduction claim form which is available online on our website.

Q. I understood that North East Derbyshire District Council had increased their Council Tax by 2.99% but my bill has increased by more than that

A. Your Council Tax is made up of charges that fund Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Fire Service and Derbyshire Police, your Parish Council as well as North East Derbyshire Council. The % increase for each one of those is shown on your Council Tax bill.

Q. I live alone and I thought I was entitled to a 25% discount but it doesn’t show on my bill

A. You can submit an application for a 25% single occupier discount on our website