Annual Canvass

What is the Annual Canvass for?

Each year every household in the North East Derbyshire District will receive a Household Enquiry Form (HEF), which is also known as the Annual Canvass. The information we gather from this enables us to produce the revised Register of Electors and ensures that everyone who should be entitled to vote can do so.

What happens if I am not on the Register of Electors?

If you are not included on the Register of Electors you will not be able to vote so it is important that you provide us with up to date information on the occupants at your address.

You can't vote until you reach the age of 18 but any 16 or 17 year olds in your household should be included on the form. You should not include any children under the age of 16.

All of the major credit reference agencies use the Register of Electors to verify your details when you apply for a mortgage, loan or other credit agreement. If you are not on the Register of Electors you are likely to have problems in obtaining any form of credit.

When will Household Enquiry Forms be issued?

We will be sending Household Enquiry Forms in July 2019 to every household in the district.

When you receive your Household Enquiry Form, please check this carefully to ensure it is correct and advise us of any changes that need to be made. The form will include details of how you can do this.

Please respond without delay as this will mean we need to send out fewer reminders and helps us to keep costs down.

Reminder forms will be sent at the end of August 2019 to households where no response has been received.

When will the revised Register of Electors be published?

The revised Register of Electors will be published on 1 December 2019.