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Parliamentary Election

How often do Parliamentary or General Elections happen?

Parliamentary, or General Elections are held every five years.

How do MPs work with local people?

Members of Parliament (MPs) represent people from their local area at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Their time is split between their area (also known as their constituency) and Parliament.

Within their constituency, MPs work with residents and local businesses to see how local problems can be resolved. Residents can contact their MP about issues they might be facing, for example employment, housing or benefits.

Voting and Registration

In the event of any scheduled Parliamentary Election, North East Derbyshire residents who are already registered to vote, will be automatically sent a poll card.

You only need to register if you have moved house or have not previously registered to vote at the address where you live.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to go online, where you will need to provide certain details, including your Date of Birth and National Insurance Number: