Graffiti, Fly Tipping and Litter

If you have found litter or fly tipping in the District, or seen someone who has contributed to this please report this to us online at your convenience so we can investigate and action as soon as possible.

Litter and Fly Tipping

Anyone dropping litter can be liable to an immediate fixed penalty notice (FPN) of £80 and if you fail to pay this within the statutory 14-days then you may be taken to court where the maximum fine can be £2,500.

To report an issue with litter or fly tipping please use our online ‘Self Service’.

Fly tipping is a crime that blights our communities, it's unsightly, can be hazardous and can lead to injuries both to the public and wildlife and is costly to remove. We can take legal action against householders whose waste is tipped illegally (whether they know about it or not), which can end up with a fine of up to £50,000 and/or twelve months imprisonment for those found guilty of fly tipping.


We regularly monitor the District for areas that have been affected by graffiti. We have a zero tolerance stance on graffiti and we do everything in our powers to ensure any offenders are dealt with as quickly and sternly as possible.

We aim to remove graffiti on Council buildings within 10 working days of it being reported to us. We aim to remove any racist, obscene or abusive graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported to us. If the graffiti is on property or business premises we will work with the occupier to influence its speedy removal. By agreement we may remove graffiti from private or business properties on a rechargeable basis.

If you see any area that has been defaced by graffiti and wish to report it, please report it via the online ‘Do it Online ’Self Service' forms.