We manage and maintain four cemeteries at:

There are other cemeteries and open churchyards in the District, which are managed by the Parish Council or local church.

Cemetery Records

We can provide photocopies or scanned copies the records on request, for a fee - contact us for details.

Maintaining our cemeteries

Unfortunately ground settlement is unavoidable; we will monitor graves for 6 to 12 months after the funeral to ensure that soil levels are maintained. After settlement we will prepare the soil surface and sow grass seed over the area, in keeping with the surrounding cemetery grounds, and will keep our cemeteries up to the highest standard possible. This will include:

  • Mowing grassed areas
  • Maintaining boundary hedges and fences
  • Maintaining floral gardens of remembrance
  • Maintaining levels of the grave plots to harmonise with the surrounding grassed areas
  • Keeping the cemetery clean and tidy
  • Maintaining trees and shrubs (excluding unauthorised plantings)
  • Removing spent floral tributes
  • Removing Christmas wreaths (these will be removed in late February to early March prior to the onset of grass cutting operations)
  • Safety inspections of memorials
  • Maintaining accurate records of interments

We are currently carrying out inspections to memorials in the district's cemeteries, to ensure the grounds are safe for visitors and council employees.


Memorials must be approved in advance by us, and installed by a memorial mason from our approved list and in accordance with National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) Code of Working Practice.

Because of unavoidable ground settlement, we advise that headstones are not placed for at least 6 months after a burial has taken place; this will allow for thorough settlement and reduce movement of the headstone.