Drains and Sewers

From October 2011, the water and sewerage companies (see below) became responsible for the private sewers and lateral drains. There are some exceptions, so it's best to check with your water company if you are at all unsure.

In much of North East Derbyshire the company responsible for the public sewers is Yorkshire Water, but to the south of Clay Cross they are the responsibility of Severn Trent Water. Their websites show diagrams and explanations of who is responsible for different parts of the sewer system.

The grates that you see at the kerbside are gullies and are used to take surface water off the roads. We are responsible for clearing the gullies to avoid flooding. To make a litter removal request please use our online 'Self Service' forms.

Rented Properties

The landlord or owner of the property is responsible for private drains and sewers that serve it. Rykneld homes tenants can find out more details on the Rykneld Homes website.