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Abandoned Vehicles

There are strict criteria that a vehicle must meet in order for us to consider it as abandoned. If a vehicle meets the criteria and does appear to be abandoned we will work with the DVLA to identify the owner.

We may serve a penalty notice giving the owner between 24 hours and 7 days to remove it (depending on the condition of the vehicle).

If a vehicle is assessed as being in a dangerous condition, ie burnt out or a wreck, it will be removed immediately.

Report a vehicle

Abandoned vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle, visit our Self Service pages.

If you abandon a vehicle you could receive a fixed penalty of £200 or face prosecution, so you should consider scrapping it or donate it to charity.

Please note: If a vehicle is taxed and has a valid MOT then it is unlikely to be considered abandoned. Please use the Government MOT status checker to check the status of a vehicle.

Dangerously parked vehicles

Where a vehicle is dangerously parked, you should call the police on 101.

Untaxed or uninsured vehicles

To report a vehicle that is untaxed or uninsured, please contact the DVLA.