Homelessness Strategy

Derbyshire Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy 2022 - 2027

The Council has worked with partners to develop and adopt a homelessness and rough sleeping strategy for all of Derbyshire.

Developed at a time of significant pressures – including the recovery from the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis and an increasingly unaffordable housing market, this countywide strategy sets out the commitment of all Derbyshire authorities to transform our response to homelessness.

The five year strategy from 2022 to 2027 has four key strategic priorities:

  • Make homelessness everyone’s responsibility through a system-wide approach.
  • Prevent and respond to homelessness through early intervention and personalised solutions.
  • End rough sleeping and repeat homelessness.
  • Develop sustainable supported and settled housing solutions.

Strategy and accompanying documents

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