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Land and Property

  • Available Land and Property Open or Close

    We have a wide range of land and property available to suit all needs. Visit our Business North East Derbyshire website.

  • Commercial Properties Open or Close

    North East Derbyshire is a fast growing business location within the heart of the country. From modern business parks to quality existing commercial premises there's a huge choice for any business wishing to locate or expand in the area.

    You can also freely search our Sites and Premises Database for further assistance.

  • Community Value Assets Open or Close

    The Localism Act provides communities with a local connection a right to identify assets such as local pubs, shops, village halls and post offices which, if they came up for sale, they would want to try and purchase.

    The Act does not give a right to buy the property in question but it does give potential bidders the time to put a proposal together. Local community and voluntary bodies as well as parish and town councils are able to identify land and buildings that have provided an important service in their community and may do in the future.

    These community bodies can nominate assets for inclusion on a register of assets of community value, and if an asset on the register comes up for sale, community bodies may have up to six months in which to raise the capital and bid to buy the asset, before it can be sold on the open market.

    Community groups have to meet certain criteria and provide supporting evidence to be eligible to nominate an asset. Complete your nomination form (78kb) and for further information please see our frequently asked questions or visit Gov.uk or My Community Rights websites.

    Here is a list of the current assets of community value.This also lists nominated assets for which the nomination was unsuccessful.

  • Development Opportunities Open or Close

    North East Derbyshire is a district with a number of positive elements that help to attract - and keep - businesses to the area.

    These benefits include our central location and excellent transport links, our ability to access finance from a variety of sources and our access to a skilled workforce, amongst many others. We work with our partners to bring forward exciting development opportunities that can provide any business with a good starting base or somewhere you can expand and grow or property developers the chance to create a legacy. These include:

  • Empty Homes Open or Close

     Long term empty homes are those that have been empty for six months or more and we are committed to reducing the number of these. Empty properties can make a significant impact to a road or area but there are a number of reasons why properties become empty including the death or ill health of an owner, the property being subject to probate or other legal disputes, or a landlord being unwilling or unable to let the property. An owner may also be unable or unwilling to sell a property, or have inherited it and not know what to do with it.

    If you are concerned about a vacant or dilapidated property please report thsi to us immediately so we can investigate it and speak to the owner. 

    We can also provide help to owners who have empty properties by: 

    • Helping to let or sell a property, 
    • Providing advice on renovating a property,
    • Advertising the property to let or for sale on our website,
    • Providing a Matching Service with organisations that are looking to bring empty properties back into use. 

    If you are a developer interested in purchasing and/or developing empty properties pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

    We use enforcement options only as a last resort where an owner is unwilling to bring the home back into use and it is causing a problem in the neighbourhood. There are several options available to us including:

    • Statutory enforcement action - we use a wide range of enforcement powers to make sure an owner improves their property.
    • Enforced sale - this allows the sale of an empty property to be forced to recover debts that are owed to us.
    • Empty Dwelling Management Order – enables management of the property to move to the local authority or a nominated party (usually a registered provider) for up to seven years.
    • Compulsory purchase - this is when we buy a property from an owner even if they don't give their consent.
  • Land Search Open or Close

    When buying a property or piece of land, your solicitor will submit a local land charges search which will show whether there are any legal restrictions affecting the land or property.

    We will investigate any restrictions and bring all the information together from various council departments in the form of a local authority search..

    There are three types of search:

    • LLC1 - The 'LLC1 (Requisition for Search and Official Certificate of Search)' Search checks that there are no outstanding financial charges relating to the house or land. For example, where the council has carried out a service, and this service has not been paid for. e.g. improvement grants, tree preservation orders, conditional planning consents.
    • CON29 - The 'CON29 (Enquiries of Local Authorities)' deals with issues such as road schemes, the planning history of the property and various other items that may affect the property. The CON29 questionnaire also contains answers to many 'warning' questions the answers to which cannot be found in the statutory registers.
    • Personal Search - We will require the name of the person or company carrying out the personal search and the address of the property against which the personal search is to be made. In some cases a plan may be required. If you would like to carry out a personal search, please contact us to make an appointment.

    Fast Track

    We also provide a ‘Fast-Track’ service which guarantees the results of the Local Authority search within three working days of receipt at a cost of £157.50. A ‘Fast Track’ request can be submitted by post or by email and if it is received by 12 noon the target of three days will then commence. Any searches submitted after 12 noon will begin the process the following day. 

    Anyone submitting a search will need to supply a location plan identifying the property/land in question which does not breach Copyright Regulations. We are unable to tell you who owns a particular building or piece of land. You may be able to find this information by carrying out a Land Registry search. 

    Fees for these services are:

    • LLC1 and CON 29 (standard search) - £97
    • LLC1 and CON29 Fast-Track Search (3 working days) - £157.50
    • LLC1 Fast-Track search (3 working days) - £52.50
    • LLC1 (search of Land Charges register only) - £25
    • Additional Part 11 enquiries (optional) - £12
    • Additional Solicitors questions - £12
    • Question 22 -  £16.80
    • Extra parcels of land - £18
    • Where a property is also within the Peak Park an additional £20.40 is required.

Land & Property contacts

  • Tel: Estates: 01246 217197 Land Charges 01246 217151
  • Email: 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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