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Data transparency

We are committed to the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. The Code sets out key principles for local authorities in creating greater transparency through the publication of public data - namely that the data be demand led, open and timely. The Code also prescribes what public data should be released as a minimum requirement. 

Open Government Licence

All of our data is available to use or re-use under the Open Government Licence. This is a free open licence for public sector bodies to license the use and re-use of their information and data easily. If you are intending to use or re-use any of our data please note the conditions of the licence. If we require you to make a specific form of attribution, this will be clearly referenced on the information concerned.

Transparency Data

Annual Accounts

Annual Audit Letters

Annual Report

Councillor allowances and expenses

Constitution - Our Constitution provides a framework for the democratic processes of the Council.

Contracts register – a register of our current contracts (in excess of £5000) is updated quarterly. This information tells you what sort of services and products we buy, how much we spend and from which suppliers.

Council Plan 2019-2023

Equalities Data

Expenditure exceeding £250

Fraud – all fraud data is dealt with by the department of works and pensions

Grants to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector updated in real time.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2018


Local authority Land – updated yearly. This information is also available in GIS formats on data.gov.uk. Asset Management Strategy and Plan and Disposal and Acquisitions Policy (420kb).

Members Expenses 2016-2017

Organisational structure charts

Other Datasets

We are also committed to publishing other datasets where we have recognised a demand for this information through Freedom of Information requests received.

Please note that some data might be removed. This is known as 'redaction' and is required to enable us to comply with the exemptions stated in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Examples of this include personal information that could identify an individual or information that is commercially sensitive. To ensure transparency any redactions will be clearly noted.

Business Rate Account Listing (Occupied Properties) – A full list of properties registered for business rates which are occupied including relief details. The spreadsheets below cover each financial year and CSV files are individual files within the zip folder. Please note that the spreadsheet and CSV zip folder for the current financial year are updated monthly.

Business rates accounts 2019 - 2020 excel and csv (zipped)

Business rates accounts 2018 - 2019 excel and csv (zipped)

Business rates accounts 2017 - 2018 excel and csv (zipped)

Business rate accounts in credit – a list of accounts in credit for the current financial year and any write-backs. This information is updated quarterly.

Business rates accounts in credit 2019 - 2020 excel and csv (zipped)

Business rates accounts in credit 2018 - 2019 excel and csv (zipped)

Business rates accounts in credit 2017 - 2018 excel and csv (zipped)

Business rate accounts write back

Business rates accounts write back 2019 - 2020 excel and csv (zipped)

Business rates accounts write backs 2018 - 2019 excel and csv (zipped)


Public Health Funerals

    • Public health funerals - we are responsible for arranging the funeral of any person who has died and where it appears that no other agency or persons are making suitable arrangements for the disposal of the body. Click here for the details of the funerals taken place.

Social Housing Asset Value 2015-16 

This dataset is available in excel (2kb) and csv (13kb) formats. This information will be updated yearly. Please note: an entry will only be placed on this register subsequent to the council dealing with a public health funeral


Data Transparency contacts

  • Tel: 01246 231111
  • Email: 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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