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  • Attending Council Meetings Open or Close

     Members of the public are welcome to attend the public parts of meetings of the Council, Cabinet and Committees. Before attending a Council meeting please read the guidance on public attendance that can be downloaded here.


  • Local Democracy Week Open or Close

    European Local Democracy Week – 15 – 19 October 2018

    We are taking part in a European-wide initiative to promote Local Democracy and encourage people to engage with us, our services, and our councillors. We will also be promoting resources on this page and on social media to help people find out more about what councillors do, how to stand in local elections and how to register to vote.

     We have created a programme to give you a flavour of some of the activities that local councillors at District and Parish Councils get up to during a typical week. 

    For more information on attending and observing any public Committee or Council meeting, please see the section above titled Attending Council Meeting.

    Local democracy week resources

  • Meeting Schedule and Committee Papers Open or Close


    All Council and Committee meetings appear in the Council’s Meeting Schedule which runs from May to April.

    The Meeting Schedule is available to view here.

    Please be advised that meeting dates, start times and locations may be altered during the year. The front page of the website gives details of upcoming meetings and when the agenda is published, this will state the time and location of the meeting.

    The agendas, reports and minutes for each meeting are published 5 clear working days in advance. You can view minutes and agendas in our document library here.


  • Petitions and Community Governance Reviews Open or Close


    North East Derbyshire District Council has adopted a Petitions Scheme which sets out how the Council will respond to petitions that fall within the scope of the scheme.

    The Petitions Scheme is available to view here.

    For more information on Petitions, please contact the Governance Manager on (01246 217753) or email the Monitoring Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Community Governance Reviews

    The Council can undertake a review for example, to establish a new parish council, or to revise parish boundaries where there have been significant changes in population, or to react to a specific new or local issue.

    Community Governance Reviews may also be triggered by local people presenting a petition to the Council. For a petition to be valid it must meet specified criteria which includes:

    • It should define the area to which the review relates on a map or otherwise and refer to identifiable fixed boundaries;
    • It must specify one or more proposed recommendations for review;
    • It must contain the requisite number of signatures of people included on the electoral register for the affected area. For an area of less than 500 local electors - 50%, for an area with between 500 and 2,500 local electors - at least 250, for an area with more than 2,500 electors - at least 10%.

    Whenever a Community Governance Review is undertaken, we will publish the Terms of Reference and carry out public consultation before putting forward recommendations for Council to approve a Community Governance Order. The process should normally take no more than 12 months to conclude, however any boundary changes will not come into effect until the next election has taken place for the affected parish(es).

  • Registering to Speak at Planning Committee Open or Close

     The Council is committed to enabling public involvement in the planning process and we provides the opportunity for people to speak at Planning Committee to amplify points raised in submissions or representations made on planning applications.  

    Guidance on public participation in Planning Committee be downloaded here. Please read this guidance before registering to speak.

    To register to speak on an application, you can complete and return the supply slip you have received by post. Alternatively you can register online here. Please have the application number to hand.
    For further information on this scheme please contact Alan Maher, Senior Governance Officer on 01246 217045.

    Details of Planning Applications can be found by searching the Online Planning System.  The dates of upcoming Planning Committee meetings, and the Agendas, Reports and Minutes are available here.

  • Submitting Questions to the Council Open or Close

    If there is information you would like to receive from the Council, we recommend that you contact the Council via the Contact Us information through the link at the top of the page.

    If you would like to contact an individual Councillor, their contact details are also available through the My Councillor link at the top of the page.

    If you would like to ask a question of a Member of the Cabinet in a public meeting, the Council Procedure Rules allow the public to submit questions to full meetings of the Council.

    Guidance on the procedure for submitting questions to Council meetings is available here.

    Notice of Public Questions Register

    May 2018 - April 2019


Public Participation

  • Tel: 01246 231111
  • Email: 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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