Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Our swimming pool is currently closed due to refurbishment.

Once open, the pool will see significant benefits including new tiling around the walk ways, new ballustrades, new pool tiling, new double glazed windows, fully insulated pool room with an increase in temperatures up to 10c warmer poolside and the installation of air source heat pumps replacing the old gas boliers.

Swimming timetable ESP - pool reopen date to be confirmed.

Work is well underway and on track to finish on time. See our progress below:

23 November

pool tiling

pool empty

The pool has now been retiled and cleaned ready for water to start being pumped in from 27 November. The tilers are on site re-tiling the pool walkways and walls and the new double glazing window frames have been installed along with solar panels this week!

1 November

 air source heat pumps

empty pool drained

The air source heat pumps are being installed outside which will replace the old gas systems from the 1970's and will help reduce the facilities carbon emissions by 66%. The pool has been drained and being prepared for re-tiling. The ceiling has been painted white and fresh led lighting installed.

1 October

scaffolding esp

ceiling repaint

The ceiling has been repainted from cream to a light grey giving a much cleaner and fresher feel. Check the height and size of the scaffolding in the pool to complete the task!

1 September


tent 1

The pool has been completely drained and a protectivve tent erected for sandblasting in the pool area! Things are coming along quickly!