Leisure Centre COVID-19 FAQ’s

We have identified some key questions you may have when thinking about coming back to our centres. Please find the below information to help you as much as possible for when you return.

Leisure centre questions

What are you doing to reduce the risk of infection?

Our staff will be continuously cleaning the facility concentrating on touch points. All areas have reduced capacities and we are enforcing social distancing throughout the building. We ask customers to adhere to the guidelines issued. All activities must be pre-booked which can be done online, through Reception or by calling Reception. All staff have the correct PPE needed to carry out their roles safely.

How often will staff be cleaning?

Staff will be continuously walking round the facilities and cleaning areas- in particular touch points. All areas will be cleaned throughout the day and cleaning schedules have been updated to reflect this.

The changing rooms will be closed for a deep clean at;

  • Sharley Park: Monday to Friday, 2pm to 3pm
  • Eckington: Monday to Friday, 1.30pm to 2pm
  • Dronfield: Monday to Friday, 3.00pm to 4.00pm

How do I visit the centre safely?

Ensure you arrive 5 minutes before your activity begins. You will need to queue at the facility so please come prepared for the elements as this may be outside. If attending a dry side activity please arrive at the centre ready to participate. Do not bring a towel with you and use all cleaning and sanitizing products provided by the centres when needed. You may bring your own hand sanitizer if you wish. Please adhere to all social distancing within the centres and follow the instructions of staff at all times. After your session please leave the centre as promptly as possible following all social distancing and make sure you have cleaned any equipment as requested by staff.

Can I bring my own cleaning equipment?

Customers are welcome to bring their own hand sanitiser and wear a face mask to the facility if they wish. We ask you not to bring your own cleaning equipment such as wipes etc as this will all be provided for you. This also will ensure all cleaning equipment used is to the correct standard and has been subject to the Council’s COSHH and risk assessment process.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Face coverings as you enter public flow areas are now encouraged for anyone aged 11 years and over, this includes café areas if not eating or drinking. You may remove your face covering once you reach your chosen activity

Can I wear a face covering when exercising?

In most cases, no. Government guidance states the following: All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician

What action will be taken if somebody develops COVID-19 symptoms within the facility?

Immediate action will be taken and we will work closely with Derbyshire County Council’s public health team and follow their advice which is documented in the ‘Derbyshire response to COVID-19 local outbreak plan’

What activities are available?

Leisure facilities are due to re-open their doors from in Step 2, no sooner than Monday 12th April pending government restrictions being lifted


At least five weeks after Step 1, no earlier than 12 April:

• Indoor leisure centres permitted to reopen; adult activity permitted for individuals or household only; Young people activity permitted (Under 18s – includes those 17 on 31/8/20 who have turned 18 since)
• Adults – household only singles or doubles permitted
• Young people – junior clubs/organised sessions/coached sessions/recreational activity – all permitted with no limits
• 1-1 coaching – young people permitted; adults TBC
• Competition– localised junior tournaments and junior leagues permitted

Badminton England has advice on what is permitted in each tier.


Only the following is permitted from 12 April to 17 May 2021 when the next review will take place:

  • Single player can do solo practice
  • Players from the same household or support bubble can play the full squash game
  • One to one coaching with adults using socially distanced practices can take place
  • Players from educational teams or with disabilities
  • Juniors in a coach led/supervised activity

Players from different households CANNOT play any form of the game including @sides’ or socially distanced practices

How can I book a class/gym/swim?

This needs to be pre booked. This can be done at our new Leisure Hub (opens in a new window), calling the centre, or by visiting the Reception desk.

At Leisure Hub, if you are an existing member you can register for an online account, or if you are new to us when you register it will automatically allocate you a No Strings Membership, you will then be able to book online. You will need a membership before you can book over the phone or at reception from Tuesday 6th April to Friday 9th April  8am-6pm & Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th 8am-4pm.

We have added some simple Leisure hub guidance (.pdf | 350kb) for you to help you use the hub.

Can I hire equipment?

To make sure we keep things as clean as possible, none of the centres are hiring out any equipment to customers (squash/badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, squash balls, armbands etc.)

Are changing rooms open?

We encourage all those taking part in activities to turn up ready to take part in their session and to leave promptly as soon as it is finished. Toilets throughout the facility will be available for use at all times and changing rooms will be open.

Can I use the showers?

Showers will be available, however we are encouraging people using the pool to turn up “beach ready”. This includes showering at home beforehand, turn up with costume on underneath clothes, then after swim, towel down, get dressed and shower at home.

Can I use hairdryers?

Hairdryers will not be available to use in Stage 1 of reopening.

Can I bring my own towel to the gym?

No- no personal towels of any kind are allowed to be used in the Gym or in classes. Tissue is available for all.

Can I buy a towel/goggles/swimming costume?

Retail products will be available to buy.

Can I bring my own water bottle?

Yes you can bring your own water bottle into the gym and water dispensers will be available.

Can I bring a bag into the gym?

We ask that no bags are bought onto the gym floor. Lockers are provided at sites that can be used to store a bag.

Will the toilets be available to use?

All toilets will be open in the facilities.

Can I pay with cash or is it contactless?

Please aim to pay via contactless methods if you need to pay for an activity.

Will the cafes be open?

The cafes will operate a ‘Take Away’ service only from the 12th April until the 17th May when the next review will take place.

Will the soft play centre be open? (Eckington)

No the soft play will not be open until social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

Membership questions

Due to the Government’s announcement being made on the 30th December 2020 we were unable to stop January’s Direct Debit being collected.

When we re-open on 12th April 2021 there will be no payment collected for this month. On 1st May 2021 we will collect a Direct Debit for half of your normal Direct Debit amount. Normal Direct Debits will resume from 1st June 2021 providing there are no further announcements from the Government regarding further lockdowns.

Any annual memberships have had their membership extended by the number of weeks we have been closed.

If you wish to freeze your membership please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 20th April 2021 so we can process this for you. Freezes must have an end date and be frozen for complete months at a time.


Fitness - wet and dry.

Adult Indoor fitness classes are currently suspended until Step 3, no sooner than 17 May. Please check our Facebook pages for pre-recorded classes to try at home.

Junior indoor classes/courses will resume from 12 April.

Swimming questions

We are working towards Swim England and Swimming Teachers Association guidance.

What is happening with swimming lessons?

Swimming Lessons will resume from 12th April, you will get an email confirming details.

Will my child’s assessment criteria be the same as before the closure?

Yes the assessment criteria for all children will be the same as before the closure. Please be aware though, as the children have had a long break, all will be re assessed on their first week back to lessons.

Will my class be at the same day and time?

When lessons restart on 12th April children will revert to the same day & time as on before the current lockdown.

Will my child start back on the same level?

Yes, though all children will be re assessed on return.

How can I make a payment, my credits are running low?

You will be able to make payment for your lessons via the normal channels. Over the counter or by phone from 6th April, Monday Tuesday to Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm or online via the Home portal

How will the lessons abide by the governments social distance guidelines?

Every aspect of social distancing will be adhered to, in the pool, access and exit from the facilities. This is changing day by day so this may differ each week you attend.

Will the class numbers still be the same as before the closure?

Class numbers have reduced to reflect government guidelines. Beginner level max of 6 children, improver levels up to 8 children. All pre-school lessons a child must be accompanied in the water by an adult 16 years +

Will social distancing affect the safety of my child?

Our main priority is to keep children, customers and staff safe at all times. This will never be put at risk whilst running any activity at our facilities.

Will I be able to watch my child’s lesson?

We have worked hard to ensure all parent get to view their child’s lesson. Chairs have been allocated on poolside, spaced 2m apart. Parents can view the lessons from here.

My child is on the waiting list for swimming lessons, when will you start to re-enrol?

Teachers are continually assessing space across the programme, as spaces come available they will work through the waiting list, so please wait to be contacted. There is currently a long wait for Junior swimming lessons.

Will all equipment be sanitised before my child uses it?

Children will be allocated their own equipment for each lesson, this will then be sanitised before it gets used by anyone else.

Should my child use the changing rooms before and after lessons?

We will be encouraging swimmers to come “beach ready” swimming attire under their clothes. They will be directed straight on to poolside where there is provision to leave clothes and use changing rooms after lessons. Parents will view from the poolside in socially distanced seating.

Is my child going to have the same swimming teacher?

With the restructuring of the programme, it is not guaranteed you will have the same swimming teacher as before.

I would like to speak to someone prior to sending my child back to lessons

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss any swimming lesson related questions.