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Children's Membership

Just Do More Junior!

£19 per month. Unlimited use of fitness suites, Junior Gym, junior specific classes, swimming and Aquafun

Available for ages 5 to 15 years. No direct debit required, just pay over the counter.

Just Do More Plus!

£12 per month. To be eligible for this membership plan, you must be between 8 and 19 and have one other family member on our Just do More! Unlimited Membership.

Children between 8 and 10 will only be allowed to use the swimming pool and will not be able to book Junior Gyms or attend the gym with an adult.

Our Just Do More Plus! card gives you:

  • Unlimited fitness suite (children between 11 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Unlimited swimming
  • Unlimited fitness classes / Junior Gym (Age restrictions apply)

For just £12 a month* (via Direct Debit only)

Please contact your preferred site for more information or to sign up to one of these children's memberships.