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£420,000 ‘Safer Streets Fund’ bid success for North East Derbyshire District Council

The Home Office has confirmed this week that a £420k bid submitted to the Safer Streets Fund has been successful.

The joint bid with Chesterfield Borough Council and Bolsover District Council will fund initiatives targeting neighbourhood crime and anti-social behaviour across the three areas. There will be a strong focus on diversionary activities in areas persistently impacted by these crime types/issues.

In confirming the success of the bid a Home office representative said “we were impressed this bid effectively demonstrated analysis of the problems in your target areas and identified a suitable response to tackling the issues”.

The programmes will be delivered over the next 18 months and will identify and work with young people through a variety of targeted diversionary activities in both informal and educational settings.

The programmes will aim to encourage the use of leisure time in a productive and constructive manner, diverting away from anti-social behaviour and crime.

Further information on how the funds will be spent across North East Derbyshire will be available over the coming days.

Councillor Carolyn Renwick, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Assets and Community Safety at North East Derbyshire District Council said:

 “I am delighted that we have secured this funding through Safer Streets. We know from experience that diversionary activities can make a real difference and this funding provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to engage and work positively with young people diverting them way from anti-social behaviour and crime”