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Closure Orders secured by North East Derbyshire Council for sites in West Handley and Ridgeway

North East Derbyshire District Council worked with Derbyshire Police to secure two Closure Orders in relation to two sites in West Handley and Ridgeway following more than a year of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

The Closure Orders were granted at a hearing at Chesterfield Magistrates Court on 30th August 2023 and were given for the maximum three months.

Prior to this, 48-hour Closure Notices were served at the sites on the morning of 15th August 2023, when the Council executed warrants to gain access to the sites to investigate suspected unlawful waste activities with Bailiffs, Derbyshire Police and the Environment Agency.

On the same day a total of twelve vehicles were seized from both sites for suspected waste crime and dogs were seized due to the impact the barking had on local residents.

The Court heard how residents had been subject to intimidation, criminal damage, noise nuisance and general ASB from those operating the sites over the last year. Two individuals have also received Community Protection Notices from the Council which were appealed but upheld.

The investigations into potentially unlawful waste activities at both sites are ongoing.

It is an offence to enter or remain on premises in contravention of a Closure Notice or Closure Order without reasonable excuse, punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both.

A Closure Order is designed to provide immediate relief for the community from the ASB being committed from a property. Although the Orders last three months the Council can apply, for an extension up to a (overall) maximum of six months.

Leader of North East Derbyshire District Council, Councillor Nigel Barker said: ‘We’ve worked very closely with Derbyshire Police to carry out these closure orders and I’m grateful to all of the officers who have helped with this complex case. No one should live in fear or be victim to anti social behaviour of this nature. We have zero tolerance to ASB and are continuing to work with all partners to ensure we use all powers available to take action against the perpetrators’

‘Anybody who suspects Anti-social behaviour in our district can report it to us and we urge our residents to be vigilant in keeping our neighbourhoods safe and lawful.’