Coronavirus Business Trade Update

A summary of the Prime Ministers update address to the nation on 10th May 2020 regarding the current lockdown, movement and business activity restrictions to control the transmission and spread of Coronavirus is as follows.

  • Only the businesses that are not on the restricted premises list can operate until the legislation is changed, so those that have been restricted must remain closed (except garden centres).
  • All businesses must undertake a coronavirus risk assessment and implement control measures to prevent the transmission and spread of coronavirus.
  • The restrictions for other businesses may be lifted 1st June 2020 as long as transmission rates for coronavirus remains below the expected level (less than 1%).  
  • In anticipation of restrictions being lifted as of 1st June 2020, businesses must start to prepare for a safe return to its undertaking by completing a risk assessment.  See the government guidance on business risk assessments.  

Business Support in Safe Return to Work

Please see the control measures that we expect our businesses to have in place.   

  • Businesses that fall under the Health and Safety remit of the Council will be emailed a coronavirus questionnaire that they are expected to complete if they plan to start trading on 1st June 2020 (providing the restrictions are lifted and the legislation amended).  If you do not receive one within the next 7 days please contact Environmental Health at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request one.
  • In conjunction with the risk assessment questionnaire there is a coronavirus daily checklist that businesses can use to ensure safe working practices are being adhered to once they start trading.