Council simplifies recycling for residents of North East Derbyshire

In a bid to increase recycling rates, make things easier for residents and continue operating as environmentally friendly as possible, over Christmas North East Derbyshire District Council is launching a trial of asking residents to mix their paper recycling (which some residents currently present separately in caddies or hessian bags), straight into the burgundy bins with other recyclables.

The authority has been identifying ways it can make its service meet the needs of residents, maximise lorry capacity and update its processes to simplify how residents recycle in their homes.

From this week, residents are asked not to separate paper into caddies/hessian bags, instead they can put paper straight into their bin with other recyclables such as plastics, cardboard, tins and jars.

These changes mean that the bin lorries’ capacity can be fully utilised, reducing the frequency of visits for emptying at the recycling centre, meaning the service is more efficient, reduces carbon emissions and increases time on the streets emptying residents bins.

As paper use has declined, with the result that clean recycled paper prices are now similar to mixed recycled paper, it is now more cost effective to mix the paper with the other materials (which will still all be recycled) so the full capacity of the bin lorry is utilised.

The trial is expected to last for 2 to 3 months before a review will be undertaken and residents will be notified of any changes if necessary.

North East Derbyshire District Council Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Charlotte Cupit said, “We always want to make sure we are meeting the needs of our residents. Due to decreases in the amount of paper presented in the caddies over time, as well as the declining price for clean paper, we have reviewed our processes to make recycling simpler and quicker for households and are trialling mixing all materials together in burgundy bins instead of having to separate it.

“Thank you to everyone who has spent time separating their paper to date, and for all your recycling efforts – as well as to our Streetscene crews. Given the changes we’re now seeing, it makes sense to mix any paper in with the rest of the recycling to be separated and recycled at the centre rather than put in the two compartments of the bin lorry. As we see a huge increase in service demand over the festive period, and have increased collections to match, this seems the best time to trial the change. We’d also value any feedback residents have on these changes.”

Residents can still present surplus paper/cardboard alongside their bins but, especially given the current wet weather conditions we ask that glass is placed directly in the burgundy bin. You can find out what can and can’t be recycled in the burgundy bins on the council website. 

To make sure you never miss a collection you can sign up to their email alert service which gives residents an email reminder what colour bin is due.