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Council support in delivering vital medicines to residents

North East Derbyshire District Council have begun working in partnership with Peak Pharmacy to help deliver vital medicines to residents who need it most in north east Derbyshire.

The Council has redeployed staff to work at the Peak Pharmacy distribution depot with hundreds of deliveries being despatched today by staff from the Authority.

The additional resource will assist in addressing the unprecedented demand for the delivery of medicines ensuring that residents can stay home to stay safe.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Thacker, MBE, said, “We are doing everything we possibly can to help our residents during this difficult time. We offered our services to Peak Pharmacy to get the medicines out in our district to the people who need them. We are helping wherever we can in this crisis and will continue to do so to keep our residents safe at home, receiving their vital supplies”.

Peter Cattee, Partner at Peak Pharmacy, said, “Peak Pharmacy are doing everything they can to support patients, North East Derbyshire District Council met our request for help so quickly and positively that we had a vital service up and running within 24 hrs and I cannot thank them enough for their flexibility and imaginative use of resource”.

“This is a great example of local partnership and the people of North East Derbyshire District Council are lucky to have such a proactive Partnership team working for them”.

The Council is asking residents of the District who are self-isolating or who are vulnerable, to complete an online registration form or by calling 01246 231111 so that contact can be established and provisions can be out in place to administer help.