Council to regulate the impact of fireworks with a registration scheme

We are planning to introduce a voluntary Bonfire and Firework Display Registration Scheme to combat the misuse of fireworks, and safely regulate those attending bonfire events and wishing to let off fireworks in the District.

The scheme will further support the environment by minimising detrimental effects fireworks have on animals due to their excessively loud bangs and aims to reduce noise complaints from residents who are suffering from fireworks being misused.

Fireworks when used correctly and on the right occasion are a source of enjoyment, however, this step of creating a registration scheme will safeguard suffering animals and aims to reduce anti-social use of fireworks.

Under the scheme, registered events will be requested to agree to a code of conduct for public display. Registered events will be publicised on the Council’s website, helping to raise awareness of events occurring within communities, as requested by the RSPCA. Knowing when events are going to occur in advance will be helpful to pet owners to avoid any undue distress.

In addition, the scheme will also provide guidance for households on being a considerate neighbour in the use of fireworks in residential areas.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Thacker, MBE, said, “Our residents have expressed their thanks to us for introducing a charter to stop the release of sky lanterns and helium balloons on council land and have raised concerns over the misuse of fireworks”.

“By regulating the way they are used will mean everyone can enjoy them safely at the correct times and dates, where measures can be put in place to limit any distress to animals”.

“By introducing the registration scheme, it will enable our residents to be reassured people can enjoy fireworks at the right times and occasions, whilst also limiting the amount of unruly bangs and the general misuse of fireworks throughout the year which causes undue stress to our residents and wildlife”.

More information about bonfires and fireworks, sky lanterns and helium balloon charters can be found on our website: