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Council works with DVLA to help catch criminal offences in the district

The council has a contract with the DVLA that provide access to the DVLA’s Web Enabled Enquiry (WEE) system to help us prosecute those committing criminal offences in our district.

The Web Enabled Enquiry (WEE) system allows local authorities to have real time access to vehicle keeper data for limited environmental offences where a vehicle is involved. The system can only be used for offences committed within the districts of North East Derbyshire and Bolsover. Currently around 80 enquiries are made each year.

Enquiries can only be made for specific purposes such as:

  • Abandoned & nuisance vehicles
  • Fly tipping & littering
  • Dog fouling
  • Fly posting
  • Noise nuisance

The council must also have evidence to demonstrate why an enquiry was justified, which is specific and may include witness statements and photographic evidence. Enquiries must be also be made within 80 days of an offence having took place. This information checked when audited by the DVLA. The council has been awarded a green rating by the DVLA during the most recent audit for compliance.

The council is also exploring working in partnership with the DVLA to deal with untaxed vehicles. The council would also be able to make enquiries using the WEE system for this purpose if it adopted these devolved powers.

Access to this system supports the enforcement activity the council carries out as it where vehicles have been involved in offences, officers can quickly identify the registered keeper and carry out an investigation. For example, if a vehicle appears to be abandoned, we can identify any registered keeper immediately and write to them aware of our intention to remove it. If a vehicle is witnessed fly tipping we can identify the registered keeper and invite them for an interview under caution as part of the investigation.

It is therefore an essential tool for the enforcement work we do.