Top safety tips this Christmas

North East Derbyshire District Council are sharing tips to help you keep your homes and presents safe over the festive period as the dark nights have drawn in. #DarkNights

Our handy tips are simple and easy, but make a big difference, so you and your family can enjoy the festivities.

Below you can find a few simple, but helpful steps in order to do so;

  1. User timer switches to turn on lights and radios when you are out at night to make your home look occupied.
  2. Close your curtains and keep valuables, such as Christmas gifts out of sight – don’t present your home as a shop window to thieves.
  3. Keep doors and windows locked, even when at home.
  4. Use property marking kits to mark your valuables.
  5. If you are going away for the festive season, remember to cancel milk & newspaper deliveries.
  6. Remember to keep vehicles locked and their windows closed – don’t leave anything on display either. Take all of the contents with you, or lock them in the boot.
  7. If you’re a cyclist, remember to wear high visibility clothing and fit lights to your bike so you can be seen by other road users.

A Reminder with Christmas coming up;

  • Try not to put things under the tree until the last minute.
  • Keep valuables safe, locked up.
  • Leave your car key downstairs.
  • Lock garage doors even if you’re in and working in the garden.
  • Make sure you have nothing within reach of the windows should they be open.