Dog walker caught in the act at Grassmoor Country Park

Whilst on a routine patrol this week, at Grassmoor Country Park, North East Derbyshire District Council Environmental Health Enforcement Officers witnessed a dog fouling and the person responsible for the dog failing to pick it up.

The Officer approached the person responsible for the dog and issued a £100 fixed penalty notice for a breach of the district wide dog management Public Spaces Protection Order.

The Order has been in place since October 2020 and it makes failing to clear up after your dog an offence and contains other specific prohibitions to ensure responsible dog ownership throughout the district.

North East Derbyshire District Councillor for the Environment, Cllr Charlotte Cupit said, “We know that the vast majority of dog owners responsibly pick up. But dog fouling left behind is a cause of concern for many residents: it can get on shoes, scooters or pushchairs and in the worst instances, dog faeces can cause an infection that could lead to blindness in children.

“If there are any areas or streets near you where dog fouling being left behind is an issue, please do just take a couple of minutes so we can take targeted action to keep our district clean and tidy. Put it in a bin safely.”

You can report dog fouling to us via our self service forms on our website.