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Eckington pool re-opens after £1.5m refurb

Eckington pool re-opens after £1.5m refurb

Eckington’s swimming pool has re-opened following a massive £1.5m makeover, making it one of the greenest in the area!

The pool at Eckington Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre has been closed whilst vital improvements have been made to reduce its carbon emissions and make it a warmer and more sustainable facility for communities to enjoy.

Thanks to new air source heat pumps powered from solar panels on the roof and 100% renewable electricity sources, users will be pleased to know they are now attending one of the most efficient leisure centres in the area.

North East Derbyshire District Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, Cllr Jeremy Kenyon said:  “We are incredibly proud of the work that has gone into updating and making our centre warmer, nicer and better for our environment.

“It is like a brand new pool, and this investment will ensure a long bright future for this great community facility.”

The improvements include:

  • Installing energy efficient pumps and controls to reduce our carbon emissions
  • Installing a new air handling system with a heat exchanger to improve the poolside temperature and avoid losing heat
  • Installing 90 solar panels to generate electricity on-site, powering a bank of air source heat pumps
  • Re-lining the pool
  • Refreshing the décor and walls
  • Installing new windows and frames
  • Re-tiling the pool walkway with new more comfortable tiles
  • Replacing the balcony balustrades

A total of £1.5m has been spent on the pool and surrounding area, which includes £1m from the government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

It is estimated that the improvements carried out will cut the centre’s carbon annual emissions by two thirds, the equivalent of taking 134 cars off the road or heating 129 average houses.

  • For more information about all the facilities on offer at our leisure centres, including Eckington Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre, and how to sign up for our new ‘Flex’ memberships that let you tailor your membership package to the things you use, visit our Leisure page.