Fantastic success! Clay Cross awarded £24.1m to kick-start town regeneration

Clay Cross has today been awarded £24.1 million pounds as part of a highly successful Towns Fund bid to kick-start regeneration in the town.

The highly anticipated funding means the town can now look forward to many regeneration projects being started as the future of Clay Cross looks incredibly bright.

Consultation on the proposed plans took place in the summer of 2020. Now, with the successful bid and funding in place, the town can expect to see the demolition of old derelict buildings and exciting new proposals such as a new innovative leisure facility to begin.

The £24.1m funding and projects will mean the town will be a creative and community hub in North East Derbyshire and a real, thriving asset to the County with employment opportunities for local residents and business investment opportunities available throughout the duration of the plan.

North East Derbyshire District Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Councillor Carolyn Renwick said, “What an incredible and proud moment this is for Clay Cross and North East Derbyshire. To be awarded the full sum we asked for – over £24 million pounds will mean Clay Cross will be an exciting hub of redevelopment, opportunity and prosperity for years to come.

With many exciting projects planned – and wanted by the residents, this opportunity will really put Clay Cross on the map, with a brand new leisure centre set to be started on, retention and re-use of historic buildings and assets and the demolition of the derelict sites, this is an exciting time for all.

The jobs that will be created during the construction phase will follow on to a transformation of the town, with opportunities for investment from businesses to come and join the town – with employment opportunities here for this and generations to come”.

To find out more about the Clay Cross Investment plan, please visit the council’s website.