First virtual Council meeting to be held at NEDDC

North East Derbyshire District Council has ensured key important meetings will continue, as the Annual Council Meeting on 18 May goes ahead – virtually, via video conferencing.

The authority has been working hard setting up tele conferencing and video conferencing facilities and has already been holding virtual meetings to ensure business continuity at the Council.

However, this will be the first Full Council meeting to be held virtually to make sure key decisions can still be made, remotely.

Over the coming weeks the Council will be utilising the software to hold a Cabinet meeting on 14 May 2020 and the Annual Council meeting will be live streamed from 3 pm on 18 May 2020 on their website.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Thacker, MBE, said: “We have been working at an incredible pace setting up the infrastructure to enable our staff and elected members to work from home and initiate secure video conferencing facilities so our meetings can continue and key decisions can be made to serve our residents and businesses”.

“The Annual Council meeting is a key meeting to set out the direction of the next year and move forward together – which we can do so by live streaming the meeting virtually.

Holding a virtual Full Council meeting online is a historic moment and enables us all to be together to make decisions and constantly keep on top of the fast evolving situation of this pandemic”.

“These new ways of working during the pandemic have enabled staff to keep in regular contact and work on incredible initiatives, successfully, such as the Community Support Team who have helped over four thousand residents since it was setup”.

The Annual council meeting will be live streamed from the council’s website