Helping hand for residents with cost of living crisis

North East Derbyshire District Council (NEDDC) is committed to helping ease the cost of living crisis for its residents and businesses, with advice and practical help to reduce bills and to access funding.

The Council is urging residents who are struggling to pay their bills to visit their website to access help and support, both directly from the Council, and via its partners.

The authority has a Home Assistance service whose advisers can visit residents homes and advise them on how to make their house more energy efficient, and help arrange practical help for those unable to access it themselves.

The advisers can also help vulnerable residents by signposting to government support and grants and help them access funding they are entitled to.

NEDDC Cabinet Member Cllr Jeremy Kenyon spoke about the support available and said: “It’s really important for everyone to understand that whatever your situation, nobody need go cold or hungry - there is a lot of help available, including from Government, Councils, Energy Companies and Charities.

Our call centre is ready to help advise residents - if you, or someone you

know needs help, please contact us on 01246 231111, or 01246 217670 for Rykneld tenants”.

On saving money at home, he said, “I thought my household were already pretty efficient, no tumble drier and a well-insulated home.

But with energy prices now, small changes add up fast, and we've made some simple changes and cut our energy use by about £700 a year, with little impact, by:

  • £190 - heating our living room more than other rooms by using simple timer controlled thermostatic valves on radiators
  • £150 - house thermostat a couple of degrees lower and wearing extra layers
  • £90  - heating turned off from mid evening and we use thick quilts, and electric blankets if it is really cold (they are cheap to run, even all night – check yours is suitable for all night use, not all are).
  • £150 - TV brightness lower and not using it as background when working at home - instead we listen to radio through a laptop
  • £80  - using cool / quick / eco options on washer and dishwasher
  • £35  - quicker showers, on average, 5 minutes - also saving water

To find out more information and access the help available visit our cost of living pages.

Home Assistance visits can be booked by calling the council on 01246 231111 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.