Hints, Tips and Support to Help Reduce Energy Costs

With energy costs rising, we are keen to help local residents look for ways to save money in their homes.  Below are some hints and tips as well as information on where to find support to help reduce and manage your home energy cost.  

Simple Measures

Simple measures such as installing heating controls, switching off lights in unused areas, putting on a full load of washing and only using the water you need when boiling the kettle all make a difference and together add up to save energy and money. See the Energy Agency Top 10 Tips:

  • Dry your clothes outside on the line - only use the tumble dryer when you can't dry your clothes outside as it's one of the most costly appliances of the home.
  • Don't overcharge! Leaving your phone on charge all night can lead to it over charging and could lead to increased power consumption and battery damage.
  • Draught busting - fit draught excluders to keep out the cold airflows, you'll be surprised how much cold air sneaks in!
  • Don't freeze up - de-frosting your freezer regularly makes it more efficient, not to mention easier to get the drawers open!
  • No half measures please - whenever practical wait to wash a full load of clothes. Two half loads use twice as much energy and water!
  • Buy from the A-team - Keep an eye out for energy rating standards. A higher A rated appliance is cheaper to run over the lifetime of the product.
  • No need to standby - always make sure your tv, laptop and other electrical items aren't left on standby.
  • Don't boil over - kettles are energy intensive and over filling for what you need means it uses more energy. Put in what you need only!
  • A bright idea - if you don't already, get into the habit of switching off lights in unused rooms.
  • Take control - using heating controls will ensure your heating is as efficient as it can be, saving you money!

Larger Projects and Advice

Larger projects such as insulating your home or fitting a more efficient gas boiler or heating system can save even more.  NEDDC has a dedicated Home Improvement Co-ordinator who can visit you and advise on general energy efficiency to make your home as energy efficient as possible.  If you would like a visit, please contact us on 01246 231111 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for bespoke, non-biased advice.

Estimated appliance and heating costs (based on April 2022 price cap)


  • Toaster £4.50 p/a / £0.38 p/m
  • Microwave £12 p/a / £1 p/m
  • Extractor hood £3 p/a / £0.27 p/m
  • Hob £50 p/a / £4.13 p/m
  • Oven £63 p/a / £5.25 p/m
  • Kettle £36 p/a / £3 p/m
  • Fridge freezer £93 p/a / £7.76 p/m
  • TV £42.50 p/a / £3.63 p/m
  • Washing machine £195 p/a / £16.25 p/m
  • Tumble Dryer £117 p/a / £9.75 p/m
  • Games Console £10.50 p/a / £0.87 p/m


  • Gas combi boiler 18p/hour £75 per month
  • Air source heat pump 36p/hour / £100 per month
  • 1.5kw oil radiator 41p/hour / £70 per month
  • 2kw fan heater 54p/hour / £194 per month
  • 10kw electric shower 45p per 10 min of shower / £13.50 per month
  • 1.5kw storage heater 41p/hour / £86 per month

£150 Energy Rebate for Households

The Government has announced a £150 Energy Rebate for certain households as part of its initiative to help households with rising energy costs. If you pay your council tax to us by direct debit NEDDC will contact you by letter about the payment which will be made automatically (expected to be in May/June). If you don't pay council tax by direct debit we will contact you by letter detailing how you can claim the rebate.

Grant Funding Schemes

Under the Government’s Sustainable Warmth Competition, the Council has been awarded funding to tackle fuel poverty and help the most vulnerable by increasing the energy efficiency of homes, reducing the cost of bills, contributing to Net Zero targets and supporting low-income households in the transition to low-carbon heating.  We are currently developing the grant scheme and will publish details as soon as we are able.

Help with Fuel Bills

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, you should contact your supplier to discuss ways to pay what you owe them. More information about this can be found on the Citizens Advice website or call their freephone AdviceLine 0808 250 5702. Lines open 9am - 2pm, Monday to Friday.